late afternoons

the times between 2pm to 8pm is a very difficult hours for me to get anything accomplished. you see, i get up early. like way too early for comfort. that alarm on my clock, never gets to go on, because, well, i am usually up before 6am; and nothing i do at the moment requires me to be up that early. the only time i remember getting up being torturous was when i was working at 4 king west starbucks; to open at 5am, i would have to leave the house by 445am the latest, even when i was biking down full speed on empty yonge st. gliding down in a haze. sleepy.

anyways, here in banff, even after weeks of adjustment, im still waking at 6am. for no reason. for no one. for nothing! music wait till at least the sunrise! yawn. so i kill an hour, usually doing something completely mundane, like writing a hand-written notes, reading random passages of whatever happened to be in the vincinity, play-by-myself kind of things. then off to breakfast. long one that is.
breakfast is my favorite meal of the vistas cafe, the cafeteria we are to go eat by default.

then the day. yadayadayadawhateversblahblahthisthat.

from 8 or so, i will get back to the monkey bench and do some work or go see a concert etc., then stick around usually until.. hmm.. average would be slightly over midnight. get back, slow that brain down, keep it from running around like mad.
then usually sleep by 2 or so. which leaves me about 4-5 hours of sleep a day. brilliant.

so you see, the dilemma is the afternoons. that midday feelings from 1pm to lets say 8pm, are brutal for me. esp. that im trying to get off the caffeine kick as much as i can. like the other day, i just ended up cracking open a bar of rather nice dark chocolate and ate 1/3 of it, inhale it more likely. tasty, if air was that tasty, i wouldnt mind being a wind instrumentalist.

and i continue into this oblivion of gooey, melted, fuzzy mind-meets-world-at-less-than-stunning-capability, hoping that.. well, the afternoons would pass with grace and pleasure.

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