'next stop is.... please ring the bell and exit through the backdoor..'

for lack of whining(yawn), i would like to stress that fact that last couple days have been a real fast ride in a slow lane. you know, those lanes where the old ladies try to go as slow as possible while not actually stopping. the kind where there are vendors that goes from car to car selling water, junk and who knows what. it's not about who knows what but of who knows who anyways.

going back to this driving trip analogy, it's always fun to have a good company when you are stuck in traffic or a ditch. i think some may try to claim that solo car journeys may be fun, but i say, it's probably because you are stuck with less-than-optimal company, hence you dont know what you are missing, haha. they even may be helpful in producing all kinds of tips for gas stops and bring a secret stash of good stuff- depending on what your definition of a good trip is.

in this great banff ride, a school bus half-packed with bunch of children, dreamers, idealist and a great deal of fools, i have met some truly wonderful people and the dynamic of the group is continuing to change as people are constantly getting on and off. some hop in with great reservation, some with enthusiasm. some hop off with a great satisfaction and relief, some with a wistful thought of staying on the bus for just a little longer. all kinds of subgrouping still applies, just like the school bus. little cells of people interacting in different degree of proximities and depth. some more in-tune with one another, some just incomprehensible.

monkey sits on the front half of the bus, because she's not cool enough to be at the back. and i repeatedly say that it's alright. i no longer mind. sometimes the misfits will come and sit on the other half of the bus, just because it's empty. the misfits are the interesting people anyways. misfit is actually quite misleading in this case, these individuals are well, individuals. though im am not someone who is able to stand with a good sense of identity yet, i do enjoy their company. satisfaction by association. the mad-practicing-australian-pianist was the first to abandon the mad bus and rejoin the world (i should write him a note or something- it's been awhile), then a violin monkey who likes to play jackhammers came for a bit and left, and now it's bookbomber's time to exit through that cricky bus door.

bus stops exists so that one can get on, as well as get off. there's appropriate time for everything. i am still on the bus and i will probably sit by myself for a bit, until the circumstance forces some poor soul to take the sit next to monkey. i do miss the immediate absence of these aforementioned individuals, but i am sure that feeling of loss is spectacularly small compare to the comradeship that we forged (what a grandiose way to say something so simple. gawd, banff is turning me into drama) against unconscious living style. and at least, now that there are more than sufficient number of options for continued communication- whether on-location or virtual proximity, i am trusting that these connections will go somewhere.

it's your stop tomorrow bookbomber,
bon voyage and see ya sooner than laters.
thanks for the wonderful mess youve made with your bomb.
i will surely get back to you next time, you wait.

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