someone quick, help poor ophelia.. wait, you mean she was 'help' herself? i guess she'll have to stay drawned then..

in recent window gazing, i was left standing with a map in my hand, wanting to look for the girls, at the peak of their youth, at the cusp point, immortalized by two particular artists, millais and klimt.

their girls are the youthful ones, have this same look of fleeting beauty, like early spring flower petals that has been surprised by the last frost- even more beautiful since when the frost melts away, their capillaries and cells would collapse from the previous expansion of water, leaving them eventually colorless, shapeless, a past.
i used to have all these girls hanging up in my otherwise sterile dorm room. gazing at me as i gazed at them.


all these passing beauty, in the richest colors of gold, midnight blue, amber, van dyck brown, winter green contrasting so sharply with their pale skin only accentuated with faintest hint of pink leaves me the mellow sweetness of first sip from a well-crafted espresso. only sweeter because the hint of bitterness always envelops the experience with the most gentle reminder of... well, life i suppose. the contrast.
and when they are done with their phase, well...
only shadow of their youth remains, which has a bizarre wintry beauty quality to it.

these painters are quite decadent, especially klimt. but their use of chiro-oscuro is somewhat similar to caravaggio0 though his subjects are still a little more antiquated.

i wonder what kind of meteor mr. salamander saw in belvedere.
when i went to belvedere, it was one of the few days i was completely alone and after seeing klimt's kiss, i felt fulfilled and empty, simultaneously. fulfilled because the richness of the work was enough to fend off hunger and tired feet, empty because i could only imagine how those two people in tangled golden embrace would see the world.
then i took a nap once i got to zentralfriedhof, the public cemetry, sitting on a bench near beethoven and schubert's graves.
it's a weird feeling, to chew on the reminicent fragments of gold and rich colours in midst of a stasis. like alice in wonderland, i took a peep at the window on third time zone, took a small thing, ingest it somehow and now am left to savour a few minutes of my life out of the predictable reality, but in the company of fleeting beauty and reflection of lights on those small gold flakes.
'curious and curiouser,'i wonder where i could take and who i would take with me from this game square to - who know, the next square. mr. salamander, you started it, i hope you are game.


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