'texeucution, a happy accident.'

all these ideas and words, a desperate attempt for the sake of expression, are represented by somewhat unreal world of world wide web. it exists in a sincere relativist/existentialist context, as i could read, write and others may read and write, talk, think, whatevers, all coded in somewhat complicated maze of 0s and 1s. i connect to this tabula rasa, 'post-create,' which awaits me with infinite patience and calmness through electronic signal and whatever i type in are coded in a blogger-specific platform, then 'published' by stroke of an enter key.

an enter key! think about that! whoa, by pressing a simple button, all the sudden you are inviting/letting whoever peeks into the door to walk right in to the middle of a personal jumbled thoughts. one has it easier than alice now- we dont even have to make an executive decision to eat nor drink. just a click on an index finger, and voila, thoughts, once private and plastic as external concrete expression.

and these words sometimes wields powers so much greater than just pixels on a screen. by creating a body of text, the conversation continues in a third time zone, as one reads from another, forming a thought, a connection between two different people. especially interested in etymology and context of words, i take a particular joy when simple words become verbs as one reads and understands, creating myriads of reactions and events. the sum becomes greater than parts.

on a phone conversation, i feel as if things are fleeting way to fast that i am not able to grasp every nuance and possibility that may be passing by; in-person-conversations are much easier in a sense all the non-verbal expressions always 'say' so much more than what's actually being plugged into spoken sentences. but this particular format, texting-chatting-blogging creates quite a different atmosphere. things are so much more direct and simple, one learns to express in singular ideas, building up to a much larger impression as a whole, much like the each dots of pointillism of seurat or lichtenstein. or rich, even brutal brush strokes of van gogh, creating momentum larger than just a slap of paint on a 2-d space. as john ashbury said, '..the secret ways that rooms fit into each other' in the old house, the richness from all the small shards and fragments creates a place that is simply inconceivable in 0s and 1s(from self-portrait in a convex mirror (1975), sheherazade).

mr. salamander, witty and sharp as usual, gave this phenomenon an appropriate name, texecution.

as i continue to peek into different windows of memories, collected knowledge and random events, simply represented in binary codes, in words, in sentences, i am learning to enjoy the happy accidental clash of individuals. sometimes it's amazing when different things collide into one another, with no previous announcement, taking one further to another trajectory- if unexpected, a joyous ride.


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