upward, onward, from this cusp point..

spring equinox is here. officially on upward motion. the sky grows higher, the wind a little gentler. little puddles of wet, now melted ice and snow, creeping up to the ankles as you drag your pants ever so slightly on the ground.

the bare branches now nurturing little fuzz-haired buds, some already half-waking in their slumber, just a crack on the sheath, barely showing their most gentle colours,
the petals that will be awaken with the sunlight and a warm-hearted urging of spring rain. little green tips poking through once frozen earth. the light getting longer, the shadows dragging a bit longer when dusk falls.
day by day. warmer. gentler. excited. anticipating.

the rockies are still a bit grey and cold, holding the last bit of shards of ice and the calm, dark blue coolness of winter mountain gale. but when the sun was heading down for another rest, i saw a hint of exuberant joy of spring to come, not in the setting sun, but on the reflection on the cloud, beautifully set in pale pink and yellow.

it will be awhile until i get a taste the wetness of spring rain through the soles of my shoes and my pants hem, a little longer than it needs to be, soaking up raindrops. however,
with images of swimming silverquark fish and a strangefish,
salamander tending its fire,
warmth of house smelling like fresh toast
while the outside resonates with cool and grey bits of dusk spring rain,
the magical places where the warm and cold currents mix,
invisible connections and entanglements through a simple window,
i am breathing in essence of spring to come with quiet anticipation and a sense of renewed hope.

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