1919 boston, molasses galore.

i remember thinking at one point in this particular june that things are moving rather slow, like molasses. ooh boy was i mistaken. now im thinking: just like the good ol'boston molasses explosion, it's rolling in with a furious wave. wait, really molasses? like the stuff you make gingerbread cookies with? the stuff you put in by spoonfuls in baked beans? toast topping we are talking about? the sticky, black, thick stuff that you can squeeze out of a plastic jar, or spoon out from old fashioned glass containers?


in boston year 1919, a molasses tank, 15m tall, 27m diameter, holding 8,700,000 litre of sweet goo stuff, exploded. pressure, pressure pressure, then the first rivet went and the rest is history. waves of molasses, high as 4.5m high, rolling at 56km/h or 35mph. simply crushing with pressure of 200kpa. over the railways, crushing buildings, flooding up to 60cm average; men, women, horses stuck on the big black mess like.. well, flies on sticky paper. approx. 150 injured and 27 died. hilarious but not really. i mean... it would be one way to go i suppose. sweet. not short though, depending on how it happened. gawd.

anyways, there should be loads of stuff on the web involving this incident. and monkey's gotta work on sleeping on somewhat regular schedule. so im keeping this brainsplattering somewhat short, but it's interesting as things are gathering momentum like vicious molasses, quietly and casually waiting till.. well, the right moment. a week today would be the first day at banff for summer sessions. monkey's furiously working on the list of rep, with that slight doomed bully clouds over her shoulder (not over the head YET), with that lovely feeling that 'no worries, more stuff are going to rain on laters anyways.'

but. at least some copying and revisions are done(well, for now) and it's as good as it's going to get today. thank god for 24 hours practice facilities. im excited, somewhat warm-stretched tired and amused. good place to be. and there are plenty of things that i keep to myself to be happy and motivated. yay. and luckily lots of things that i appreciate at the moment are offered from others, for prices that cannot possibly be measured. yes, it's not for free. it's got high costs- as people who are generous enough are making the efforts to share themselves and their lives (and these people, naturally, the giver/inspiration/renaissance man types, are busting busy- and i feel so privileged to be offered such precious section of their TIME and BEINGS). mr. salamander, bookbomber, my good ol'crazy montreal mentor, PO, the list can go on and on.

all i can hope is that i can contribute something back to their lives, and i do not need to know whether i do or not- as there isnt much monkey can offer otherwise. so let's scrap the idea of self-evaluation. right now, it's time to ride. and as lucky as i am, i may as well enjoy all bits of it- including the pressure bits. without pressure, those rivets would have never flown across the historic town of boston. without rivets flying, there would have been no such comic-tragedy. and lets remember..

heck, even molasses had time to ride 35mph.

dribbling slow, but.. you never know when it may strike!
alright monkey, to basket you go.
hmmm i think i want toasts with butter and honey tomorrow morning (lacks molasses). shouldve gone back in town to scoop some off the street.
less than a week to go for first time marker from this point.
49 to go for the next time marker. hooray.

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