sending it your way, really.

yyz is having a sort of fuzzy evening. past couple days have been somewhat soggy and it finally decided to rain- well, however, with great resistance, it seems. it's been on and off raining here and there in late afternoon and evening, and now it's turning into a gigantic fog blanket that covers the pointy tips of the tall, imposing buildings of the day.

monkey is back from making some sort of efforts to learn e.bloch's schelomo reduction and have decided that it'll still be there tomorrow. so. it's. all. good. this particular piece makes me laugh a little, since it is somehow soooo anachronistic. the imposed grandness of it makes me wonder what/how it would have been back in the days where the colour films first made their way to the public theater. something like ben-hur all the way back in 1959. with the great big painted posters (not printed, painted!! imagine that!!) on the side of the theater buildings screaming 'techni colours!' it's that kind of grandness, kinda old, nostalgic, somewhat ridiculous from current perspective, nonetheless, still good.

hilarious, a small dovetail i just realized- the music was written by miklos rozsa. never knew that. oddly enough during one's day, things pop in and out, and often, one does not see the connection until much later. rozsa is an example. while talking to mr. salamander, the name popped up; now that i look up ben-hur, there he is! then further peeking reveals that he's been to leipzig to study with reger. hilarious. leipzig hochschule was my very first european experience way back in.. cant even remember with conviction- i would have to look it up. but it being about 2am, i think such things can be forgiven. now there's rosza, somehow spider-webbed with bloch. i bet he never thought about that, haha. then funny things still continue. he died in year 1959, the year of ben-hur. and if we flip coupla numbers, we get 1995, the year of rosza's death. apparently monkey's going nutters. time for some sleep eh.

anyhows, this piece, schelomo, with its grand title and character larger than life, has some ridiculous (in a good sense) colours and rhythmic complexity that is just a little bit too big for a piano monkey. it's slowly taking its time to settle, however, it's been a-okay-journey. at least the rhythmic figures are interesting. anyways. that was the reason monkey was amused till the wee hours. but. for. now. done.

on way back, the rain/mist is still there, in its hazy form, at best. a bit of wind, kinda chilly, the flickering of quiet, sleepy city night, the smell of cold, wet asphalt. and some kids having fun with spray paint cans. music making. the idea of 'collaborating,' creating something anew by reacting with another human being, the list could go on and on.

so im trying to make an effort to close this loop for the day, by posting a picture of one of my recent found interest, uk graffiti artist banksy. banksy arrived through the window with quiet sneaky ninjalike grace and he's been a quite a catalyst for many thoughts and conversations. and i do dig his works, politically and artistically. cynical at times, however, often achingly sincere.

here's one of my favorites. it was the grey walls that made me think of it. like the grey wet blankets over the downtown yyz at 2am, quiet morning. and i hope the wind is blowing to the west. i would love to get that little balloon to arrive for just in time for the morning on the other side of the puddle. with thoughts lighter than air, the ribbons dancing with such grace and curves in the wind. a nice tie that connects all these loose dots of monkey's evening: ben hur, rosza, window, bloch, collaborating, sharing, grey wet blankets, grey walls, wishes and curves.

with such childish wish, monkey's heading to basket. time out. good night to you all.

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  1. a kiss of deep red against stone grey, carried aloft by helium, element of the sun, elusive, rare in nature, one of the five noble gases...

    ... then flashed across in weightless dots of laser light through glass, to tie up and reconnect.

    and so the little ballon has arrived!