torrent rain@yyz

the sky has a gigantic rip in yyz today
layers and layers of clouds desperate to patch it up
but alas no use, the city is drenched
with water, once graceful and clear
now just furiously pushing toward the public sewer
all grimes dirts parts of unknown things
all swirling into numerous small angry maelstroms
and i am soaked to my toes, through my shoes
chilled wet pathetic
in the city where it's all shades of cold, concrete grey,
i am a pale blue ghost of a self
empty sack of skin
as if someone has sucked the life-sustaining blood out of me,
leaving me only with skin and bones,
barely hung together, then further drenched in cold summer rain
kind of the day where one is tempted to
slit a wrist of something
just for some colour.
among the sense of needless desperation
i ran through the rain
with an umbrella, also broken,
hinges torn, a thin metal skeleton which no longer fits into itself
the black nylon hangs limp,
an umbrella that does not block the rain.

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