stray strad at monkey basket

it is a bloody early morning and it's that one day of the week i need to actually work. i should get my butt to the bed. but i can barely contain the excitement though im really trying to put a lid on it. oh well, i guess good news can be spread right? well so here it is.

i have a good friend visiting from montreal. we met in a small festival in italy. she: violinist, me: monkey. we played mozart b major and some other ditties. it was good times. one of those few instances where you run into a person and then the world goes... click. and all the sudden, everything is infinitely better.

she was studying in nyc and i was all over- states, canada, whatever. but luckily we kept in touch and things been alright despite of busy schedules, distances, whatever. anywhos, she was in yyz this time to audition for canada council instrumental bank loan program. monkey had hastily practiced sibelius violin concert and after a night of rehearsal, we went. and played. i do have to say it was a bit rusty on monkey part (she was beautiful really. gawd i love that concerto) as it really has been awhile since she last played it- or do concerto reduction, really. ive been spoiled rotten doing all these nice sonata piano parts.

the best thing was that after it was done, it was done. no fretting. she put it aside, went around being herself. caring, funny, warm and generally being a beautiful person. and that's what really appeals to me: she's a complete human being before she's a violinist.

and long story short, right now monkey residency hosts two very special guest: my dear friend and her new violin: 1717 strad.

i really believe that the best musicians are the ones who are genuine. who are honest and good people. eventually, when you are being your trueself, whatever action you take becomes a true reflection of you- whether it be music, writing, conversing, or even just sitting and sharing a space. and she is a prime example.

im bursting with pride myself. it is terrific wonderful and amazing.
she's got a strad.
and i got a friend.
the world is a truly surprising and beautiful place.
the overlapping lives of my friends, my peeps- my life is heavily subsidized by it, and i am not bitter but grateful that all these people are taking the time and care to be a friend to monkey. letting me to be me but being true companions.

she believes in miracles.
i believe in humanism.
whichever it is, it's working rather nicely.


  1. 1717 windsor weinstein:

    This instrument, made in 1717 by Italian violinmaker Antonio Stradivari, has been in the possession of a number of collectors and noted violinists, most recently Leon Weinstein, who purchased it in 1961. In 1980, Mr. Weinstein donated the Stradivari to the Ontario Heritage Foundation in the hope of starting a collection of great musical instruments to be made available to outstanding Canadian musicians who would not otherwise have the opportunity to play such fine instruments. In 1988, the Ontario Heritage Foundation transferred the violin to the Canada Council for the Arts. The estimated value of the violin is $3.5 million.