flirt of wintry flakes in autumnal air

funny i havent even noticed that the days creeped up and went by right under my own eyes. it is october! rather than looking at some arbitrary calendar, however, i have been so luck to be reminded by the beautifully cold morning air. those air that freezes your boogers and bring a bit of tears first thing the morning. the air that makes to think: knee socks. and the low clouds and disappearing mountains. at times the cascades just outside my window plays hide and seek during winter. when the fluff clouds come down and cover them in ambiguity. only hints, or only memories of them across the thick air. and these fogs are not the same kind that one see in summer- hot, wet and heavy. these are proper autumnal fogs: cold, fresh, sharp.

almost a week in banff have whizzed by and i casually just walked out from the first recording session. get music on monday. record first thing on friday. kinda tough no? much drama but am glad that it is out and done now and i think actually it will turn out quite alright. hooray. except a minor point. i thought the session was at 9pm. oops. it was 9am. so unfortunately i crapped out on classic jam @ wild flour (which i really wanted to go) and also a supper deal. i owe this dude. so hopefully i can make some supper today am hoping. or NEAR future. typical monkey blunders. but as things settle down (the last piece of essential equipment came today: speakers).

and so now, im killing a bit of time, catching up with peeps, sending emails, peeking on window to see if i can catch glimpse of mr. salamander that kinda thing. then since i accidentally cancelled a rehearsal (thinking that recording was in the evening), it's an open day from here till basket time. hooray. there are a few things i could do but also a couple things i would love to do. like. taking the hoodoos trail. sip tea. read some nice music that monkey likes and such. i think i would do that. rather than the things i need to do. an indulgence.

now that one pressure project is out of the way (learning something in literally 4 days and recording can be quite stressful) and i got my costello crooning and warm apple oatmeal, i am almost infinitely happy. almost. if i could have an extra thing, that would be salamander kindled heat. proper fire. warm. cozy. real. not the elusive duct-passed on warm air posing to be fire.

it's that time of the year when the days are getting shorter and outside is wet with dropping particles of half-frozen water. very small fine ones. silver sparkles. i am happy to be in banff room 151 and reminiscing the countless memories of such environment. this place- banff centre, is a good ground for magic. especially for fire-related magic, hot, strong, consuming and living. as it consumes it also give off amazing things to its surroundings. with a warm cup of tea, i am happy and appreciative to all that is here. including the hint of winter just outside the window.

i have waited for you. how nice to see you, the cold grey-blue-white-black winter. you look as i remembered- painstakingly beautiful. ah let me tell you where i picked up when we parted last winter. so many beautiful things have happened and in the peak of your presence, winter solstice, 21 december 09, i would have hit another cusp point of my life as well. let's be in touch and see how we both progress through the time. to a nice turning point.

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