free coffee, not!

it is 0241 am EST and im wide awake. now, i ran nearly an hour today and went to practice, rehearsal and a concert. that should be sufficient to send one to sleep- but no! so having a free cake (i recently received a free cake courtesy of debakery, a toronto-based start-up bakery farcebook web group; they promised a free cake for 100th member and that was.. me! yay!) (and this cake have been splattered to many people around me as there is no way i could keep it in the house with some sort of warped will power. i mean it's five inches deep), i was pondering why am i still up- then realized:


for a long while, ive been caffeine-free. or it seems long anyways (i think, without fags and coffee, sometimes life can be never-ending episode between unreachable pleasure). i think last time i had coffee was on 23 of february. or even earlier. and though there's a nice espresso maker in bird house on 32nd floor, in some sort of valiant effort, ive been away from it in order to 1. adjust circadian rhythm, 2. help (notice, not cure. this is like alcoholic anonymous) self from insomnia, which came back oh-so-discreetly.

then came the ultimate fail.

i had two cups of coffee.


it was free!

mcdonald canada is having their drip coffee promotion. it's right in the second week- where they have been offering free small cup of coffee between 1-14 march 2010. and this afternoon en route to the gym, i was tickled. so i had one. mmm. it was actually not bad. perhaps because it's on very fast circulation right now. brew. draw. serve. repeat. because i am not the only one who was enticed by this magic word: free, they've been brewing. so the coffee was reasonably strong and mighty hot. real hot coffee can hide lots of sin. there's a mcd right by the main intersection from the ymca. how (in)convenient?!

then i had a repeat offence. from the gym, in thinking of having a slice of free cake ( ! ) i repeatedly wandered into mcd. like firefly with burning candle. bzzzzz---- zap!

and now, couple hours later, im tired but awake.
such is the price of free coffee. it is funny but not so much.
isnt it funny- if i didnt see the gigantic sign that said: free coffee, i wouldve never gone in. but since i saw it, with conjunction of wonderful free cake, it's just turned into a nightmare (well i cant sleep and i have brunch meeting at 10am!! it takes me ages to sleep!! aaaah)

sometimes i am glad i never grew up.
sometimes i think im retarded for not growing up enough.
sometimes i like free things.
sometimes free things are not free at all!

love to you all and dont fall into the trap!
'walk away from the free coffee---!'
said bleary eyed, very silly monkey

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