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i am here to update on behalf of my brother from kelowna, bc.
i do not have the contact of all his friends so i thought, even just for off-chance, i should may be make a small post about the current situation.
gabe has been involved in fatal auto accident on 26 april 2010.
he was in vancouver attending his affairs- professional and personal,and unfortunately, he was too tired to complete the drive.

during the night, he was trying to complete the last leg of the drive from tofino-vancouver-kelowna to see some friends.  but at highway 97, N49'48'18555" and W 119'43'41.424", approx. between 2-230am, he lost the control of the vehicle.

it was a human error we believe, and luckily, the death would have been instantaneous.  quite a silver lining.

i am not too sure what we are going to do for the memorial services for now, but if you would like further information, please let me know.  by thursday evening, we will be able to bring my brother home.  i am doing my best to bring him home, free from all the bruises and hurts, to my granny, mom and dad.

thank you for all your supports and i hope that you found him as amusing as i did.  sometimes amazing, even.  i debated on whether i should write this- his last update, and have decided that this is the right thing to do.

please do take courage to go on, but if you could remember him just once in a while, we, the lee family, would be very honoured.

a silly monkey who loved her brother,
more than she have ever realized.
and perhaps bit more, as days will continue to pass

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