my dusk to your dawn

i ____ you with smudge of yearning 
through the vast space
of dark velvety sky 
to the brilliant pink of the dawn sun

as the warmth of new day graces your window
the new lays soaking through the window
i slowly raise my snifter of sleep 
wrapped with loose blanket of neons

could we sink back to the winter evenings
bodies and breath embraced weaved exchanged
one cocoon with a thin gauze veil of semi-consciousness
seeking without desperation
newborn puppies without a complex script
surviving through their newly weaved invisible net of

the haze of summer morning
limbs in gentle arcs and bodies in parallel
the scent of honeysuckle 
lost to the brilliance of the dawn
the unabashed beauty of her
touches through 
unexpectedly guiding me back to 
a winter evening

as one stood to soak up the mystery of summer solstice
as one wishes to
be there once again
of crisp, snapped piece of winter solstice
slow and gentle swing between
dark sleep and semi-consciousness

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