forever young

it is mr. minnow's birthday today, and according to british summer time zone, he's got about fifteen minutes till the day is over.  as much as i would like to be with him, it's not possible this year.  it does suck a bit, as i wasnt there last year either.  i looked into getting there on a surprise whim though the problem really was how to get back: going to uk was perfectly doable with a very cheap flight, but there were no real way to get back till september, without paying with arm/leg/chosen body part.  instead, monkey's here in yyz, thinking about the idea of birthday.

i understand that birthday celebration can be quite artificial.  it's just another day to everyone else i suppose.  there are many people who shares birthdays and it is often common to move the 'celebration' to another day for everyone's convenience anyhow.  when you see another person, it is a given factor that the person would have a birthday, regardless of which date it actually may fall into.  last year when i was turning another decade, i was feeling rather skeptical and troubled: have i done enough with my life? have i wasted another ten years?  funny thing is that i dont ever remember thinking about it in such way when was turning ten. ahahah. how silly is that.  

realizing i cannot be there, again, i thought of a few ways to express my feelings for him.  a card that was sent ahead.  a gift that arrived a bit early.  and a conspiracy cake made by lovely bobby, delivered on the actual day- a lancashire courting cake.  it is bizarre that i would know about such cakes (it's much like victoria sponge cake, but made with  citron-mascarpone cheese and raspberries in this case, though the traditionalists would call for whipped double and strawberries.  the cake used to be made by the lassies for their lads, the ones they hoped to marry, hence the name, courting cake) but it seems rather appropriate.  it wouldve been even more appropriate if i could make it (fortunately, for non-baking monkey, it's a recipe that isnt too crazy.  though the pint sized lady bobby's rendition looks very nice).  the cake was consumed with another birthday gift- a new set of cutleries.

and i wished that i couldve been there. 

there will be more birthdays and other celebrations that will roll on.  and there will be more occasions where monkey would wish that she 'could be there,' not just for mr. minnow, but for all people who are very dear to her, and for all things that matter.  but unfortunately, i cannot be at all places i wish to be.  that would be impossible!  and even if it would be possible, what is the point? then, i may as well celebrate the simple fact that one can still feel, think, reflect and express feelings regardless of physical or time-related distances.  i could be at a celebration and not celebrate the cause.  but i also could be away from the celebration and celebrate as much as i could.

simply, exultation and jubilatory sensations need not to be restricted to a location or time point.  since i cannot be there, i am just going to ride my own happy feelings.  it is a nice thing to experience and it makes me wonder what i would think when gabe's birthday (later this month) rolls up in the horizon.  i already had a cooking-related book picked out in my head for him this year. i wont be buying that this year. but may be some day, for my own self.  the book will always be a reminder of such joy that gabe wouldve expressed (for years now, ive been getting him the expensive cooking books.  as cooking becomes fashionable, the books have been fashionable as well- hard covered, glossy pages, heavy weights, really.  and yes, they DO charge for it, ahahaha), and also of a common interest we have shared. much like the billion-course dinner he made for mr. fish and monkey last year.

not to dampen the spirit of the day for mr. minnow (though i think he would understand), i am happy and content.  he'll be here soon and that's something very exciting.  i am not the one who would join singing of happy birthday (i have no idea why, but i just never do)- but i did hum a tune in my head for last couple days, thinking about minnow's birthday.  and i simply enjoy the beautiful wish of the song: forever young.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young. 

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  1. yum. the cake was beautiful; moist, rich, and full of nice thoughts. Thank you! for finding such a tasty way to evaporate the distance, to be present in a cake-related dimension, to share and celebrate.
    soon (with excitement) to share food once again, to celebrate,
    and to remember.