another donut around the sun

it is a warp up, with more things to come.  the last day for the year.  where does time start and where does it end? i suppose it's all just for the reference. and through reference, once arbitrary markers gain great significance.  new year's is a funny one as there are so many different ones one may pick (gregorian, julian, solar, lunar, lunisolar, international fixed, arithmetic, astrological, hindu, fiscal, you get the gist) and with the variety, one could almost pick and choose the one that matters to oneself.  but as far as generality goes, the big one would be the western calendar, gregorian.

and i often get more analytical than i need to with certain things, like celebration, like the new year's.  perhaps im the necessary reactionary of the world, bit off to the side, slightly off the track, though i do enjoy the general atmosphere of happy public.  it's just an unavoidable monkey look at life- what's underneath it? what is it really? what have it became and what does it mean?  used to drive my parents crazy.  especially this time of the year; once my father asked whether i believe in santa:

dad:... do you believe in santa?
m: well, i suppose.
d: what do you mean?
m: well, he is either illiterate or mean-spirited
d: ?
m: or he is not very good.
d: (sigh and a laughter, somewhat mixed)
m: someone who reads chemistry set for a teddy
isnt very... good no?
d: (chortle)

so as usual, i was thinking about what it means to celebrate new year's.  i cant remember when i have gone out and celebrated in proper big loud style- not very monkey thing is it.  when i was an undergrad, i think i used to.  but it does not take away from the warmth from people around me.  in fact, it almost heightens the warmth against my self-imposed somewhat colder objectivity.  diversity and differences keeping the world real, always opposing and pulling, yet together.

here it is then, a small wish for everyone.  i wish warmth, love and hope for another day.  and another. and more to come.  every day is a continuation from a day to night, then to another.  and luckily for us, we are also the continuation of one to another,  human context and network.  not because of a need, but of life. flowing from one point to another. happy new year. and blimey, how lucky are we to have the gift of time, not only we can enjoy our lives, but we can keep the ones dear to our hearts with us as well.  echoes that resonates through one life to another, without reservation.

happy new year to you all.

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