to minnow(s)

the world have turned while we were weaving
not once but twice
and now onto a third,
first of another three hundreds and sixty then five.

of weaving and stretching the boundaries,
of the places and the thoughts we have shared,
once individual thoughts and now a co-habitat,
not only we have been freely swimming two minnows
but we also have grown like two tree roots,
intertwined in rich, dark soil,
perhaps deeper than tall.

the years went by, flying,
we forgot to count the days,
heady aroma filling up heads and hearts
sometimes high, sometimes low.
but always full, rich and enveloping,
simultaneous, free and generous.

and all these thoughts are simple, isnt it,
to three little words.
i have said it freely to you
and you have said it generously to me.

i hope to give you more of such humble offerings,
just like a well-brewed coffee,
common yet most beautiful in the morning,
especially when it's been drawn,
just for you and no one else,
despite the fact that there are more than 6.8 billion people,
that you were the one,
who i tiptoed downstairs in the mornings
to make that common cup of coffee while
trying to encourage the enthusiastic coffee machine to
(quiet down so it can be a silent surprise presentation)
(though the aroma always runs ahead of me,
however fast i tiptoe upstairs)

and while i cant make you coffee today,
i am sending you a message,
because coffee would have said the same thing,
just without words, but with warmth.

dearest minnow,
you are loved.


  1. thank you. you are beautiful. deep in rich dark soil, grown together, we are entangled and charmed. your words are always beautiful, as you are. and now another spring, the third of ours, with unfolding leaves opening out together in the sun.

    dearest minnow,
    you are loved.