fallacy of magic potion

o the rare days of sun in england
this wee monkey had her shoulders out in the sun
with its little hound teeth
the sun left itty marks on pale monkey skin
which have not seen the sun,
working in the depth of indoors at the ivory tower.

small odd heat bumps
carrying the anger in size of sesami seeds
looking like a constellation chart
the monkey remembered the advise of experts:
put your sunscreen on,
before the sun eats you up!

pondering at the aisle of magic potions
of all colours shapes and of course, prices,
she read the lables:
sunsmart, oil-free, perfume-free,
allergy-tested, anti-pimples,
anti-aging, highest-rated,
lost in fancy words, she picked one
and exited the shop with people cheering after her:
'you will be beautiful! you are being careful!'
all she wanted was to not be bitten
with itty hound teeth of summer sun rays.
the fact that the magic potion costed her a handsome sum,
everyone chirped about the 'high quality' of the product.
it's not a drug-mart quality, they beamed.

'apply generously,'
a blob on her finger, she did her
neck, shoulder, face, and yes,
behind the ears.

alas, this was the golden days of the old,
when she was hopeful and still smooth.

nowdays, they talk of her,
behind the pharmacy desk:
there's nothing we can do,
no steroids cream for you, as it's on your face.
take your 10mg loratadine and chill out.
it'll be gone when it's gone.

spotty and bumpy monkey now sits in the house
with wine bottles against her itchy neck
a pinot grigio, a dry white,
bringer of short-lived relief on her blotchy skin.

sun-sensitivity it began.
sunscreen-allergy she found,
all along the little curves of her neck and shoulders,
the chin line and yes,
behind her ears.
itchy blotchy days of
ill-made match of organic chemicals!

*you can send your sympathy in forms of chocolates and other tasty forms to the green hills of chinley, where a frazzled minnow looks after bumpy monkey, wincing and moaning. yet, she seldom scratches. it IS making some sort of strange saint out of this one.


  1. I will shower you with chocolates and sympathy and love. (And can I drink the Pinot Grigio when you are better, please?)