date with granny on friday night

my wee old granny went with me today,
venturing out to the cold, with her new shiny shoes,
riding taxis in town,
i took her out for a bit of air,
as i definitely know
how to show a girl a good time for a friday night.
she is hopefully now asleep, under the florescent lights
as doctors will take a look at her heart,
heart made of love,
just bit worn on the corners,
enough to show what she's made out of-
soft fibres, weaved and worked,
with feathers of life, fragile and beautiful.
she'll be back home before the year of the dragon-
i pray.
my wee granny, who i love 
and she will return to family,
who she loves.

*my granny had a wee heart attack it seems. we'll know better once tests are done. but thanks everyone for warm wishes. she's 87 years old and i was happy to think she was the brightest, sharpest lady in the entire ward. hooray. what a class act!

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