letter to my youngest kiddies

dear four little monkey-coached kiddies:

i am so sorry i missed our lessons this week.  i tried my best to stay in shape to see you and share things, especially music, but my oral surgery is healing rather slowly and with such pain, i was not able to teach properly that evening.

i thought about taking more medication and showing up to teach. yes, that would have been one way of showing my dedication to your music lessons.   however, i was not physically prepared and i could not take more medication as i took the maximum dosage prescribed.

i wonder what this cancellation meant to me as well as you.  for me, i broke my words. things do happen in life and we all need to make adjustment, but it was a difficult decision to make for me- to make last minute change.  i wonder how you guys felt when you found out the lessons were cancelled- do tell me next week, i want to hear your opinions.

perhaps we could think about each one’s commitment to one’s own actions and activities.  i love working with you guys and yes, naturally i wish you could spend more time on the piano.  but i also understand that there may be other things you find particularly demanding.   would you have a think about what you would like to achieve through the music lessons?  we can work on music but what i would like is to work on becoming a better, happier person.  if practice seems to become a chore, let’s see to that we can have fresh commitment to our lessons/practices- let’s make it about our shared experience and growth, not just another ‘music’ to learn and forget.

i will be coming in on monday instead of tuesday.  as my surgery heals, it is making me easily tired. I want to see you while I am still fresh from the rest (of weekend).  it is also my gesture to show that you guys are important. you are not just someone i teach. you kids, every single one of you, i care for and listen to.  so to make up for missed session, i will come earlier, to catch up, so that we won’t have such a big gap. 

i hope you guys all have a great weekend and i look forward seeing you on Monday.  You are all bright, able and busy persons.  i am grateful that you do make the time for me and what i can share- life and music.  so please, take my appreciation and let’s have a great lesson on monday. thank you.

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  1. They have probably learnt something this week, from you; and nothing to do with playing the piano. A lesson after all!