exceptional day in ordinary monkey yearly circuitry

this year, i ended up having a slightly different birthday.  mom mentioned that i am rarely in yyz on my birthday and i automatically said: no way! yet, the calendar said... well, she's right! so i have decided to stay and spend the b day with fam then fly over to uk to have the self-designated unemployment summer holiday with minnow (which is slightly frustrating to politely refuse interesting work, thanks to government work restrictions)(but then, why should i be special? these international commercial regulations are complicated and often inflexible and i can only hope that there are good reasons for it).

i suppose with everyone being busy at that time of the year- school has finished and people moved back to home/summer locations, etc., i myself was away from home, attending various festivals and music programs, or even just randomly travelling.  it's been almost ten years since i spent my last birthday in toronto.  how time flies- where did those years go? i scarcely remember where i have been...

however, things do change and some events do leave marks that cannot be erased or changed.  the biggest one would have been loss of the wee brother.  somehow, with him gone, i feel that it is even more necessary to keep in touch with fam unit, regardless of how much tension one may holds towards another, as it is impossible to agree on things all the time, especially if one cares.

fam units, older bro's gf and i, we all got together and went to have sunday luncheon.  quite ordinary.

but then life is ordinary with incredible surprises and personal events.

the details one remembers throughout life, that is one's own, mostly. often we find another who may remember the same events, however, because the nature of memory being collapsible and plastic, after all, it is a miracle that one may confine another's recollection with shared feelings and emotions.  and the exclusiveness nature of personal memory then also makes such memories and archiving quite normal and unremarkable (to majority of 'others').

i wonder how many others have been born on my birthday.  i wonder what they are all up to, what they did and what they are doing now.  doubtlessly, some would have died and some would have been forgotten.  even the living ones would have been forgotten/discovered by countless others, as we cannot help but to weave through lives that are too numerous to get to know and appreciate in such limited time.

with such silly contrasting thought (birthday: special in a sense 'one' has been born, not-special-at-all as everyone has one), i enjoyed my rather mundane birthday 'celebration' with fam, quite middle-of-the-line family brunch.  i am happy that fam made the time and that i was able to give something back to mom- my presence as she wanted it, sitting down at the table with her, munching on food and drinking my tea.

and i am looking forward another year long journey for the next one, as i will bumble along with life, being quite unremarkable and average, dealing with daily issues just like all the people who have lived, living and yet to be born. yet knowing that my life is quite spectacularly special in a sense there'll be nothing quite similar, as days and nights will continue to shape the the world into a small history of my own is an exciting perspective.

and case and point, that's the picture of my birthday steak courtesy of PO, two nights before family outting.  my dad was bit horrified about my ability to ingest enormous quantity of food- i think he actually said: that's quite uncivilized portion of meat. haha.  as the server said, most people do not finish the steak in house, however, a few does, especially small girls.  zorro's been open since 1975- i am sure they fed many happy people their birthday/anniv/whatever-celeberation-it-may-be meals, but i will particularly remember my meal, as such decadence is a rare thing.

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