june vignettes for wee monkey

 staying at isle of glencoe hotel, driving up to fort william,
as part of belated birthday mayhem,
we did the harry potter train! 
beautiful and full of midges. youch. scratch. blood.

and the jacobite, which goes through amazing viaduct,
better known as 'harry potter' bridge.
it connects fort william-mallaig. 
beautiful clear daytime with fish/chips lunch.
weather turned crap as soon as we returned to f. william...

 deceptive beds?

 chinley-edale walk, solo sojourn.  
chinley churn-south head-jacob's ladder-edale.
was wet. kinda lost. but did successfully finished it.
was much nicer to do it with minnow a week later.

 ethnic food is at premium price.
making chinese potstickers at home,
with homemade hot-water-dough skins!

 short walkie to back of the house.

typical monkey mindset during summer.

 i kid you not.
professional opinion on friend's house.
succinct and expressive.

8oz haddock fish/chips dinner at local pub.
we are lucky to live so close to this pub. yaaaaah.
their beer selections rock.

 and of course, endless rain.
and slugs.
at this point, im amazed that it does not actually rain slugs.

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