where did summer go?

it's been almost a month since the last post.

where did the time go?

well, this summer was the wettest summer i have ever seen- along with the rest of the english and scottish peeps. i am sure the welsh did not do much better either. it was the wettest since the record keeping began. apparently edinburgh saw amazing fifteen hours of sunshine in the grand month of june. however, there has been spots of very bright days and minnow and i made utmost careful effort to enjoy all. of. it.  in fact, the blog page looks like a scene from hansel and gretel- sprinkled with loads of interesting bits that needs to be filled out and expanded. i do promise myself to go back and write them out.  there will be little stories that will pop up, like small wee plants that just broke the ground.

there are many summer stories, a few of them still continuing on. however, the most significant moment of the transition would be the send off of the silvery minnow in the magical tin can over the atlantic ocean.  this summer was stretched out a few extra inches as minnow took some duties off and arranged to go straight from manchester airport to the cd rehearsal session... i can only imagine the bleary eyes. the only worse case i can think off head is when i flew back to lincoln after my 'congrats-i-handed-in-my-rough-thesis-draft' two weeks hiking trip in middle of march, to have the initial review meeting.

but at this moment, i wish: i was better to minnow.

joined at the hip literally- since we do not get to spend much time together on regular basis, whenever we get a chance, we are bit like two slices of toasts that makes up a grilled cheese toastie.  yep. bit silly, bit simple, more like children than adult, yet happy and awesome. after all, who does not like a good grilled cheese...

mind you, we do get some odd instances where one wants to launch a small sling-shot to the general direction of the other. but fortunately, even those moments keeps two individuals weaving together. have you tried unsticking a well-done grilled cheese?

i do adore this man and i do respect him a whole a lot.  i do my best while im with him. but in hindsight, i cannot help to think that there mustve been a few things i couldve done better. things i could have expressed better. a bit more sympathy here and there. perhaps a bit extra gentleness and a few extra hugs.  why didnt i share these thoughts then?

it's always the act of leaving that accentuates the presence of a person- we continue to weave through different waves, however, the humanistic feelings are often expressed best through simple thing, a touch, a glance, not through complicated words and long messages...

as rabbits shared the bits of last stories, i look forward to the autumnal days- and the way we will continue to weave from the summer, may be not in such bright colours or excitement, but genuine and warm, just as it always has been.

welcome autumn. let's see what kinds of stories you will bring to me. and my loved ones.

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