demo sessions: 1. filling in the days

tis the time of the year where many people face a horrid event: making audition tapes.  well, now a few asks for DVDs/youtube uploads. how times have changed!

if you thought filling out applications were difficult, i am glad, as making a demo should really be a nice experience- difficulty is optional, not required.  however, it does help to prepare oneself to the daunting ask of making a demo. i sat in to play. to accompany. to produce. to record. to boost morales. so here it is, a few tips.

first, figure out who wants what:
each school will have particular requirements for selection of repetoire and preferred format.  read it carefully  and if you are applying to multiple schools, do make a mastersheet:

1. due date for application/upload:
2. school/program/preferred teacher:
3. format requested: CD? DVD? mp3s? youtube?
3. repertoire required:

now that youve made a mastersheet, go get a monthly calendar, print one if you want. start marking the due dates on calendar.  NOW, mark T - 3 business days if the school requires hard copies to be delivered through post/courier.  this is to give yourself a realistic due date to work with.  of course, one can always do international express courier. it hurts to do it though. also, this gives you a bit of room in case things go bats.  we are talking: you getting ill. your musician(s) or technical staff getting ill. flood in the recording space.  forgotten major essay.  prepping the wrong thing.  family emergency. losing your master of recording session. lost score. whatever goes.

the mastersheet and the marked calendar now stays with your music scores/binder/books.  having a hard copy that you can scribble does make a difference.  ready? if you need, do colour coordinate the dates of each school. after all, we can always use some colour.

next: what to record and who do you need??

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