thanks for sorries, now where are the answers, UPS?

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-following the last email from me, about how they did not read my response as they calmly suggest that package can be picked up now while ive been telling them i will be away for a month from the beginning:
correspondence 1:
Dear (monkey)
Thank you for your additional comments.

I have processed your package for return since you have stated that you are out of town for a month and will not be able to collect it. I am sorry that I missed this detail in my previous response.

If you would like to have 3 delivery attempts on your shipments, I would recommend that you request "Adult
Signature Required" on your future shipments. Adult Signature Required shipments are not redirected to our
Alternate Delivery Locations (ADL) and will receive all 3 delivery attempts.

If the delivery driver does not have access into your apartment building, then he has no choice but to leave
the delivery notice at the front lobby. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that other tenants in your building will not remove the notice. UPS provides our customer with a tracking number so they can monitor their shipments online at www.ups.ca and receive up to date information on their package progress.

I sincerely apologize for the problems you have experienced with this shipment. I have forwarded your e-mail to my Management Team for further review. If we may assist you in the future, please don't hesitate
to contact us. Thanks

then a follow up from customer service team leader,
correspondence 2:
Dear (monkey),

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I definitely understand your frustration in only receiving one delivery attempt when you are expecting three attempts. Our practice of delivering residential
packages to a nearby UPS Store or UPS Collection Point is intended to be a safer and more convenient way for individuals to receive their residential deliveries. That being said, I believe that there is always room to improve, so I have forwarded your feedback to our Processes and Procedures Department for future consideration.

After researching the details of your inquiry and reviewing your shipment progress, I see that the delivery process was not as seamless as it should have been. For that, I am truly sorry.

You have advised us that the driver did not make an effort to contact you or your housemate when the first
delivery attempt was made on 11/22/12, and you were not able to locate an Infonotice. In addition, I see that your package was delivered to The UPS Store on 11/22/12, but was only scanned as being available for pick up on 12/03/12. I have brought the details of these service failures to the attention of our Operations Manager at the center in your area to be reviewed and corrected for future.

If I can assist you further, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks

my piece of mind,
correspondence 3:

dear (team leader),

i sincerely hope that your report of this case to the appropriate personnel will result in positive change for UPS and its customers.

i still have questions regarding this particular case. when amazon.ca have authorized this contract, is it a service that specifies 'single delivery attempt' instead of the usual three, meaning that it actually is a different contract altogether? what exactly is the service that was authorized for this particular delivery and how does it differ from the normal UPS residential delivery with three-deliver-attempts? what is the cost difference between the two services? my logic says it must be a cheaper service, as to charge the same price for these contrasting practices would be unethical.

i have spoken to others in toronto who did say that their local UPS drivers do make three-delivery attempts before transferring it to 'pick up service.'  so if my local UPS is only providing single delivery attempt to ease the load while charging the same for other residential areas which receives three-delivery attempt, this is unfair.

what is your answer to this? if it is the same charge for the two different areas with two different protocols, who makes that decision and how is it justified to the customers? does amazon.ca know that you are providing this limited and partial service? did they knowingly agree to it?

if both companies have understood that UPS will be only making a single delivery attempt, how am i suppose to know that i am subjected to this limited service practice? there is no information on the web log of
either companies that makes this difference detectable for me at all.  if you are providing an unusual service than the norm, would not be responsible to let the recipient know?

this is why i think single-attempt-delivery is a failure in logistics at present. there is no way to guarantee that your notice will actually get to the recipient, as it never got to me. also, having found the last log info on UPS site, which states that the package has been 'delivered' and 'signed for' only adds more confusion as it simply did not happen. how are you to change the format to notify the recipient where the package actually is, rather than making it impossible to find out, until one has to go through the painfully slow and inefficient call centre agents?

and i would like to be given an answer to WHAT HAPPENED during the silent time between 11/21/12 to 12/03/12.  i think as you will be investigating the case anyhow, i am at least owed an explanation.

i am forwarding this information to amazon.ca as well so that they are clear about how/what we are communicating (about), and i can only hope that UPS is not going to be another global commerce tyrant and try to bury this case under the silence,

looking forward for your reply/answers, monkey

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