things from the street...

as it's march break, there were many kiddies around... and as i got my hair cut, i was running around town. and as always, with open ears. couple funny things that i overheard:

A: --but that audi has four cylinders!
B: but what about the torque?
- both kids were no older than 10 years old, i swear.

A: but it was a quiet one!
B: dude, silent fart still is a fart, even when it doesnt sing...
- somewhere on bloor st. west, two boys.

A: - so i got 62%, i thought i would get 65% and pass,
B: well, i donno what to say-
A: what did you get?
B: i dont read numbers, i just look at the letter grade, C-
A: he said average was 73%?
B: yeah, so many people did worse than us!
*passer-by man shakes head violently.
-right through ryerson campus

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