a thunderous whisper

it has been awhile since i wrote anything for the blog.

well, i have not 'published.' i have written, erased then saved many-a-thoughts, not too sure how to phrase or to present ideas- as concept is just as important as the way it is being presented to the audience.  the simple wording can create multitude of interpretations.

ex: let's paint the house blue!
i bet if one's idea of blue seldom matches another's idea of blue.
it's not blue- it's turquoise! no, it's cobalt blue! no, it's green! i say it's grey!
just a lick of paint.

i am encouraging self to look into (simple) communications with self and others (as i find certain communications pleasant - or frustrating), it becomes more difficult to write to 'everyone.'  yep, writing for 'everyone' is bit like writing for 'no one.' bit like 'drink more water!' (what if i drink too much water at the moment? what if i dont have access to plenty drinkable water? does it mean i should drink less of everything else? etc.)

however, pope francis has been in my mind since he started to speak from the top of the vatican, the epitome of wealth, belief and power- after all, isnt 'belief' the most powerful concept in human life?

he speaks succinctly and quietly.  SO we listen. even the ones who will argue against his statements listens. his latest statement, simply pointing into self-obsession that is so pervasive in 21st century's wealthy communities is still ringing in my mind:

one could take the chance and look away from one's own concerns, then one may see a different picture.

of course, life is full of trials and demands. and any issue can become part of one's reality-  i realized when gabe died, that there are more people than i realized that who have lost a young one in their lives. some of them, i was vaguely aware- but not to the same extend.  the way i look at fatigued driving is a quite changed.

few may interpret his statement as a blanket deflection, to smother the hot issues (homosexuality, child/sexual abuse, family planning, role of women in the church, etc) - these issues are important, yes, however, i do believe expanding one's interests to others is a good thing. perhaps when things are stuck at a stalemate, looking into peripheral issues can be quite a productive decision- it could even bring a greater solution to related situations. like taking a walk when practice quickly turns into a session of futility.

mr. bruni of nytimes wrote a nice article for today.
i hope this would be enjoyable to some- i quite appreciated it.

the idea of being aware is a good first step to collaboration. and we may stand better for it. love to you all.



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