february is month of anger?

following the vegan/veg post of yesterday, today i ran into whole bunch of angry posts on crackbook regarding an article where a mom 'blogged' how expensive and useless music education/teachers are (this article is now several years old). of course, many of my crackbook acquaintances are in the music 'business.' as you can imagine, the posts were full of frustration, anger and even condemnation.

'how dare you... you ignorant!'

as much as i can try to sympathize, it is true that
1. whatever the service may be, whatever the prices may be, there will be some complaints.  okay, so someone thinks music lessons are too expensive. what's so new about that?  oil-changes are expensive. so are dentists. what about hockey practices? things are expensive and that's always been the case. if you dont like it, it'll always be expensive.  jarlsberg is expensive, but i will be buying that cheese in future. cuz it's tasty.  so then it's not really all-that-expensive...

2. lady makes a touchy point about 'those who cannot, teaches': now, not all teachers are non-performers. however, there are many people who 'ends' up teaching to pay the bills. there's nothing wrong about that, trust me. the challenge is that people do feel bitter about not performing (more) and only teaching (this, i have seen; let's be honest here) and with that, along comes apathy... yes, it is incorrect statement, however, it is somewhat true that 'those who cannot play nor teach, becomes really bad teachers.'  if i got a dollar for every time someone moaned about 'having to go teach bratty kids,' i would be not so quite poor.

3. the angry opinions are of so-called liberal-educated, many of them in grad schools. the whole aim of liberal education, according to wellesley college mission statement, is:

... we bring to the liberal arts tradition two sets of skills that foster future success: effective communication and deft management of "human systems." clear speaking and writing comes with the organized thinking required to persuasively represent and defend a point of view...

so seeing many people making so many post full of inflexibility- well, ironically is an illustration of how ineffective people with liberal-education certifications may be.

yeah, okay, it's touchy issue. however, with so much anger, i think it only adds to illustrate that perhaps, liberal education and mastery of intellectual and cultural content is an endless journey, always so close yet so far. if anyone thinks im pulling a nasty punch on others, im sorry, i just found the whole thing... hilarious.

good night, world
*hides from dirty looks.

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