fill it up with your favourite things!

few of my friends love mod. i find it tad weird.
few of my friends love cheese. the other few wrinkle their nose.
i like salted and fermented fish bits. usually people run away.
few of my friends love classical music. the other few loves metal.
i cannot wear colour purple. few of my friends look killer in purple.
few of my friends always order beer. the others, wine. even cocktail.
few of my friends are vegans.
few of my friends are vegetarians.
few of my guy friends like guys.
few of my girl friends like girls.
one friends of mine was a he now a she.
and this is what my world is made out of, differences.
it is alright to be passionate about one's preferences.
it is alright to stand by one's conviction.

justice is a blind deity,
a personal choice is not a public matter of discussion
(unless highly illegal or infringing on another's rights),
it is bit silly to escalate these differences into violence,
name calling, finger-pointing and bigotry.

one of my friends stated she's turning vegan tomorrow, may be.
hey people, if you cant send support (as it is not easy thing to do, after all, so many things taste great, vegan or non-vegan), may be at least hold onto the antagonism... after all, what she eats is her preference.

okay, so they say we ate meat and cooked food, which helped us to speedtrack through evolution. i believe this. at this point though, most of us do not do hard-core labour, not all of us needs the calories (nevermind the fact that some child-bringing does create some interesting offsprings as citizens), and there are enough wealth in the G-20 countries to find enough pleasure in vegan context. in heterosexual context. in homosexual context. in vegetarian context. you name it. we are wealthy, which allows us to have choices.


let others make choices.
you make your own choice.
be ready to accept the choice,
unless, of course, if it infringes on another's rights to exist
(the very reason i wont be watching any of sochi olympics broadcast would be russian govt policy re: homosexuality; it wont change anything, but there's something about taking the stand, in my little own head)...

what a (silly) world we live in.

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