drilling for success, well-done, uconn 2013-14!

ryan boatright of the connecticut huskies celebrates with a teammate after defeating the kentucky wildcats 60-54 in the ncaa men's final four championship monday night: jamie squire/getty images, from nytimes.com

so men's ncaa basketball is over and i better run to bed... argh.
here's a few thoughts on the game...
the final score wasnt far at all, 60:54 (uconn vs kentucky)

for me, the difference between then teams were foul shots:
uconn: 10 of 10 (100%)
kentuckey: 13 of 24 (54%)

thinking that if kentucky DID make front end of one-and-ones, they couldve have more than 24 shots. potentially missed 28 pts from foul shots.

kevin ollie's ride to the championship with that legendary 2011 uconn freshmen army really refocused my interest on 'taking care of the small things,' such as nailing those foul shots.

his half-time comment was brilliant- something along the lines of 'just staying ahead and keeping that distance.' not cocky, not crazy- cool, calm and focused...

steady steps = advancement.

 to win, you need to be one point up than your opponent. collected and controlled energy, buckling through the palpitating hearts of these young players, uconn pulled the win- in my eyes, with steady, limitless optimism and drive they had since they were pack of wild freshmen pups. and here they are, 3 years later and with ollie's coaching, they are no longer boys, but more of men.  beautiful.

moral of the game: practice your techniques. it will make the game. screw the dunks. screw the fancy 3-pointers. foul shots are called 'free-throws' for a reason. now inspired to practice. but first, bath and bed.
hope all is well, lovely peeps!

if anyone wonders why-how i got into ncaa basketball, you can go take a visit at university of kansas, where i had lovely two years studying with jack winerock (who i dearly love!) and robert koenig (who is my career idol!).  college sports tend to run a little hotter, less tempered and with greater emotional fluctuation than a pure amateur or pro games. i do love the support of the communities, the school spirit (which i never really experienced till i got down to the states) and the youthful energy-

aah no wonder i do my very best to stay in school!
love to everyone :)

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