easy, light, fast

one of the gifts i have received this year is a book from blue heron lady, born to run, about the reclusive tarahumara indian runners.

when i was a little overweight kid, i always thought running is for special people. then i dropped the weight. and because it was such a difficult journey to drop that weight, i alway perceived that sweating is a hard work.

in a sense that if im sweating buckets while playing music, it felt oddly satisfying. i was told and i silently knew that such 'suffering' really is not necessary, even hinders the actual manifestation of the appropriate events, i was addicted to this feeling of 'no pain no gain.'

and as one gets older, especially runners, they are warned on regular basis: watch out for injuries! you may break something! just like musicians who graduates from undergrad programs already loaded with slew of playing injuries.

ive been lucky that i have not had playing injuries. just dumb ones, like falling over and breaking arms.

but in the book, they talk about this mad runners who do ultra distance running, free of injuries and full of fun. REALLY?

and at some point, the secret is spelled out:
1. (do it so that it is) easy
2. (keep it) light
3. (then you will be) faster.

so ive been trying it out.

so far, without changing anything in my training (except brand new new balance minimal running shoes to give my old runners a break- had them since 2009), i managed to shave off minutes of miles. 4 miles under 40 min. it usually takes me good 45 min.

and it felt great.

i will take these three things to heart. the transformation was so easy. may be it's a trap. may be it will have limit. but till i reach the limit, i will keep it easy and light. and then i will become faster.

how amazing it is to taste the freedom of moving.

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