happy 2015: taming the dragon

ive decided to try something new for 2015.  rather than losing train of thought (as it crashes onto the mount 'reality,' just over 'lack-of-time' and 'oh-but-so-not-pc'), what if i write very short observations instead?

well, we shall see how it works.


my fav pianist mehldau teamed up with this amazing mark guiliana, drummer to create a mesmerizing album, mehliana.  the first track has bit of spoken bits. he talks about the idea of rage. then of the dragon. and of taming the dragon.

yes, too often, we think being angry or frustrated is a negative thing. and by virtue 'polarization,' negative emotions are seen as a BAD thing.

i think that when one is angry, there is a value in expressing that emotion to the fullest.  let it come out and rip the sky apart. let it show you how powerful and strong you can be.

then you tame it.

you get to know it.
you know it.
you are it.

mantra for 2015: to tame the dragon.
what a delicious music to start the year.

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  1. In the spirit of concise comment: Good album.