showering pale gold, i melted.

every season has its own light.
my favorite is the winter light.

colder the air gets, moisture content decreases.
the water drops lose their kinetic energy.
they cling onto the ground, sleeping. hibernation.
reyleigh scattering.

isnt it interesting.
thinner atmosphere will create paler sunlight.
as... on earth, sun is closer to yellow.
as we move away from the earth- light get paler.
on the moon, it will be white (colourless).
and the sky is blue because
all the blue waves are bounced off,
the red and yellows continue to travel
and because they arent refracted,
we dont see them.

the white light directly from the sun
under the thin cold air of morning
plummeting to near silence-
people move differently.
faces covered, huddled up.

and i keep looking up.
seeing solid air.
filling up my heart, right from my toes.
up and up and up.


beauty breaks heart.
in the winter light.

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