human resonance, a yearning

from a tangent point, an individual will progress through the chosen trajectory.

at times, the tangent point and/or the new trajectory may not reflect individual's wishes but life being slightly more complicated than we ever wish it to be, a set course, infuriatingly or amusingly, will never stay set. and things and people will go wherever they will go appropriately.

meeting people is a funny thing.  i often browse dating profiles for entertainment.  what is it that people are putting out as representation of themselves? when they are being sarcastic, is it the humour or the bitterness that is fueling it? when they say they dont take such writings seriously, how much of genuine sincerity can be found on personal profiles?  what are the expectations of the engagement- at what point, would you know youve connected, or it has/no potential, or whether it would be destructive or constructive? the questions go on forever.

when i went to see 'theory of everything,' i was really touched. beautifully shot, it discusses one of the most fascinating persons of our time: stephen hawking.

it is weird because for me, it always seemed a bit pre-destined, that his work on time-space relativity (that time is relative to space, therefore, as universe is still expanding, time is still changing and fluxing, therefore, if we are to retrace time and space back into the inception point, they would collapse into one another, to single entity- aargh tis the turtles! turtles all the way down!

and the man who is working on the concept, well, his worlds are collapsing. his physical ability, ever dwindling, defines him within his mind and very limited physical motions. it is eloquent, and tragic.  with collapsing mental and physical world, the struggle of hawking and his family/friends was portrayed beautifully.

i left the theater with tears in my eyes.  ah, would it be possible for a mere mortal to experience such depth of life? 

with visible and invisible spider web tangle, i ride through  the course of time. i never know where i will be, i can only project into the near future.  sometimes, in that long ride on a quiet silent water of time, all i wish is to curl up with a friend, seeking resonance.

after all, it is the universe that pulses through everyone's heart. 

if we are quiet, we can hear it.

the sound that is love.

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