silly musing on sexuality

sleep. food. sex.

the basic instant three-some of gratification. it does not need to cost much and the body, conveniently, is built to enjoy all three. in the blinking lights of the cities, far-reaching technology and this silly anxiousness of 'being in-the-moment,' i think it's safe to say that the sleep is often ignored and envied.

food, well, looking at the obesity rate of countries of various economical ranking (it looks as you wont face the obesity issue only if you are too wealthy or too poor; cheap calories and instant accessibility is tying most of the population's thought to its food consumption/process/acquisition) and all the screaming matches about weight/health/style (which are three separate categories and not necessarily interconnected), it still takes the place of the king of pleasure.

sex, this makes me laugh a bit.  it is in one's face all the time, they say. i suppose it's always on somewhere in the media (traditional and social), at the same time, really, all the time?!

i can appreciate the refinement that one needs to achieve regarding sexuality from the very young age.  the fact that even the conventionally well-educated parents take part in protest against the recent ontario sex education curriculum update highlights the cultural importance of sexuality (though i thought the recent protest had more to do with power control and largely, immaturity and lack of objective research; have you seen one of those 'translated' pamphlets that went around for certain minority groups? it's almost hilarious and fictitious. though any culture that's got issues with calling a penis a 'penis' and say vagina on telly has much bigger fish to fry, i presume).

the weird thing is, however, is this singular idea of sexuality.  as a definition, sexuality should include all issues that relates to personal physical intimacy and its context in individual's philosophy.  but the way that this word is whipped around is so limited and so silly, as it is so tightly trapped under one aspect: carnal activity.

i mean, yes, it is accessible to most of the sexually-reproducing organisms and there is even dedicated pleasure sensories built into it. it is only logical that people may spend much time pursuing sexual pleasure. but looking at the typical G27 world, an alien would have no problem defining 'our goal' as species as instantaneous sexual gratification. republic of penises and vaginas and everything in-between (and not much more probably)

i read an article about 'nude' performance and how it always manages to irate the public. it is understandable that 'arts' can evoke an individual's reaction, including that related to sexuality, but seriously, is that all that art is supposed to do?

as a person who may not necessarily think of sexuality much on daily basis, this enormous concentration of attention on politic of sex is quite entertaining and though rare, enraging.

i suppose the only way of counter-action would be through non-participation in this single-focused sex obsession, though this is different than being 'against,' non-participation would mean  simply being inactive. rather than yelling at the big companies making false promises through advertisement, i often choose to bypass the media (the medium of the advertisement).  so once again, snickering from my desktop eating a hot breakfast ( ! ), i stay amused and befuddled yet again with 'sexuality.'

oh world. you are amazing.

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