tragicomedy collection for a quiet sunday

*we all know what's gonna happen to george...

1. the most beautiful day with mostly empty schedule: perfect set up for delivery - waiting game.

2. when you tell them you wont need cutlery with your takeaway, they pack you several extra. when you desperately need something, anything, you cant find any.

3. that time you remember seeing a working pencil on floor and realize that it is just a recent past memory, as you then valiantly try to scribble something invisibly.

4. being smug about the last tea bag for your thermos and it literally explodes as you pour hot water on it.

5. the feeling of dire hope at ikea that surely, it WILL fit through the door.

6. earlier you need to wake, sleep tends to come later and later.

7.  as you complain about nothing being on telly and that you are getting outta house, the game with no action suddenly gets all the action.

8.  it wasnt a TTC token. it was a 10 cents coin. now what.

9.  spilling a cup of juice on paper towel roll.

10.  cant remember- did i just salt the dry mix for the bread or did i just remembered, to do it?

11. a normal sized person next to you at the theater somehow starts to expand in volume, quietly and exponentially.

12. water-saving toilets and flushing. at someone else's house.

13. congratulating self for remembering to pack that score in haze of sleep. realize it's not in the needed key.

14. getting all hyped from new ikea catalogue. then imagine all those little screws and a wee hex key.

15. the fat pants you were looking for, is the one that you are wearing right now...

16. returning from laundry. one missing fancy sock.

17. you made room to have one donut this eve. it's now late and all donuts are on manager's special, 4 four 2.50. you feel valiant.

18. taking things way to seriously then getting mad when someone suggests chill out.

19. the later the night is, hungrier one gets, and food, oh the glorious food.

20. as you decide to finally floss, gets out from warm bed, turn on the light, the floss roll says 'im empty.'

21.  with resignation, i bought a piano. my salvation is that it's a silent piano. so with right set-up, i cant even make a peep.

happy sunday, lovely people! :D
now somehow, the mixing console makes me sleepy. how does that work. droool.

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