the girl over balcony

tis sunday. i had  non-9am (or earlier!) start, awesome.

so i rolled in bed in sunshine for a bit, then headed out to fill my fridge, which has been sitting kinda empty as the days been quite bustling.

i often walk to chinatown, along dundas on quiet weekend mornings to go get my groceries.  before the city wakes up for festivities, shopping, meetings, brunch and dinners, tis a quite a different place. as the weather is turning colder, you may see few cocoons of homeless people. an empty cab driving around. sometimes small hoard of people exiting the bus station.

this is the time that i do not need to listen to anything carefully, so i usually walk without a 'soundtrack.'  bare eared, no headphones, earphones or filters. just the quiet hum of the city.

then came an unexpected sound. it took me a bit to figure out where it was coming from - i looked around me, and started to scan- and there it was, upward. such loud bird?

but it wasnt a bird on the balcony wall.

there was a girl, one leg over the glass balcony on 12th floor, screaming at someone inside the house, all i could make out was that she is 'so sick of it.'

for second, i wondered if it's just another drama.

then i picked up the phone to call 911.
the police cruisers and ambulance came. they took info. i gave my contact. they went up.

after about 10 min of this bustle, i went off to get my groceries. and did my shopping. as i went on with the plan, then it really started to nudge me on the side.

when i was heading back, the cruisers were still there. i talked to the officer briefly- she's headed for hospital for help. he was glad that someone called.

and the day, it is so beautifully sunny and bright.
life goes on and i wonder how her day's going to be like.

i look up and all i see is bright blue sky with white sun with tint of gold.
but when i looked up this morning, all i saw was crisis for that terse 3 min, first hearing her, then waiting for the police to arrive.

be kind to your peeps. stay aware. and do lend a hand.

and i should go on with the day. with disturbance in my mind.

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