amusing but not funny words list

words associated with today:

deflated, broken, worn, torn, frayed, impaired, split, disturbed, shattered, fractured, ruptured, snapped, mangled, wrecked, cleaved, defective, damaged, busted, flawed, tarnished, marred, injured, deficient, spoiled, corrupted, pulverized, astringent, pulped, mashed, collapsed, crippled, fragmented, shredded, demolished, mutilated, dismembered, irregular, spasmodic, desultory, weak, unsteady, rickety, choleric, bitter, inflamed, chafed, turbulent, irascible, petulant, acrimonious, rancorous, caustic, abrasive, rough, sharp, harsh, biting, acrid, mordant, trenchant, virulent, malignant, destructive, pernicious, disappointed, incomplete, disheartened, vanquished, feeble, ruined, isolated, retracted, disjointed, vacant, void, static, wasted, depleted, slaughtered, shamed, stale, prosaic, banal, lackluster, sterile, arid, irksome, wearisome, insipid.

number of words that i like from the list above: 0
number of words that i would like to keep from the list above: 0
number of words that i could disassociate self from the list above: a few
number of words that was externally applied to self: 0. may be a few.
number of words that was internally applied by self: all
assessment of current situation: n/a (stuck in neutral)
progress: poor

please indicate the appropriate level in number between 0-10, 0 being the least to 10 being the most:

reason to stay at this mental space: 0
value of list created (1-10): 0
value of list as comic relief:3
value of list as self-amusement: 10
value of list's existence: 2.5

note: that is a quite a long list of words. all kind of same hue though, but all quite distinctive in their gradation and transparency. how interesting.
recommendation: stop paying attention to the image of self and start to pay attention to self. and the surrounding of self. go practice so that i could may be not maim the sessions so tragically badly. grow some skin. THICK.

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