law of nature or illusion of law of nature?

continuing with this theme of pulse and time relation and all that good stuff, i have been enjoying communicating with couple individuals recently. mostly i feel somewhat on the outer orbital of the banff center social central, but then i do not think 1. it needs me, 2. i need it (i still want it though, but can't have everything), so i've been having some fine-tuning idea bantering instead. immensely enjoyable. always fun to be lead to a new concept, a possibility, to discuss, provoke and often just share thoughts. it's good thing to share pieces of chocolates, for instance, and i think if you arent all that hungry, sharing something less tangible, such as thoughts, are also good for you. well, it's good for me for sure.

this lines of reality and what can be sensed and understood are getting blurry every day. a rather interesting thing i realize is that these friends (well i hope they think i am their friend) i talk to are all very unique people. none of them are ordinary, nor they are anything like one another. heck, the chances high that they have not met one another ever, the common link here, is me. i have very particular relation with each one, and though all of these relationships share the idea of honest communication, as result, these relationships pretty much govern themselves in the manner that is appropriate for each: over the phone, online chat, in person, sticky notes, etc etc.

so when coincidences take places during these collection of separate interactions, i find it amusing and often flabbergasting. it's as if sometimes things have their own agenda and appear when their time is right, not when i would like them to happen. i mean, most of the time i am not even sure what is it that's gonna happen!! i, the great center of my life, not having control and plans over my own course of action and life? inconceivable. okay, that was supposed to be like the line from the 'princess bride,' laugh people laugn.

we are trying to discovers another level of physical world at the CERN. massive structures, delicate and beautifully designed. nothing like this have ever been built. in those chambers under the ground, we hope to discover the laws of quantum physics, hoping to understand and pull apart this mystic haze that envelops common but still uncomprehendable concepts such as time and conception of this universe. we hypothesize, experiement, repeat, go through millions of process of emphirical evaluation, try to minimize the margins of error, and when we think we saw enough, we declare it a law. and go from there.

and it is so easy to forget that back in the days, just about 500 years ago, if you told anyone that the earth is round, they would have laughed, taken you to court then burn you. because it wasnt true. because that was not what the law of nature said.

law, nature's law does not represent the reality in a sense that it's just a summary, a representation of a phenomenon or an intangeable concept such as justice and righteousness. a scientific law is heavily based on observation and we are hoping that the majority of the outcomes in the given situation will just obey the general direction of the previous outcomes. it is a tool of convinience we have created to explain and understand a segment of the world. not that there's anything wrong with it. it's useful.

the problem comes when you forget that laws always have exceptions, that law is not reality. the countless factors that influences the most simple things of life always leave a room for variants and new phenomenons. a law is as good as the person who is utilizing it to further gain indepth understanding of life. if you just take it as is, it will stay as it is, never changing and never telling you to look further. concrete.

but the silly thing is that the laws of such nature never explains the core of the issues. sure, we can now map out the entire gene pool of iceland and see how 'far' we are from other mamalian species, etc. but did it ever succeeded in explaining how a life starts? we can always build a chain of dna, we can reconstruct, but what gives it the life that it carries? even when we use logic to map out the day, the action, etc., we never know what we would be doing the next second. we are most likely to continue in projected path through time, ie., i am probably going to finish this then go for a coffee, but that's never for sure. it's what i would like to do, what i think would happen, but that is different than what would actually happen to me. a very fine line.

the coincidences of certain ideas and topics reappearing constantly among these fragmented group of my friends, brings me to the image of the CERN chambers. whole bunch of things, each taking its own path, powerful, fast and incredibly beautiful. and for some reason, in certain conditions, they meet one another in projectile path, and all kinds of things, like change of directions, formation of new things, gaining and losing energy, etc., takes place, only because they happen to be in proximity of one another at that given time frame. then they continue from there, travelling further into time.

and fantastically, it's nothing new. it's only that we are starting to see it just now. like a child learning how to read- for that child, the ink blobs on a paper now has a completely different meaning. he learns to read them out, put them together, create new sounds, one letter, then one word at a time. then a sentence. a paragraph. and then perhaps start to contextualize these sounds into his own environment. like reading about a cat and being able to phonetically pronounciate the words, phrase within the sentence, giving it inflection, making it happen physically by turning visual into sonic events. then comprehending the message of the sentence, pulling out the memory and idea regarding cat that he have accumulated over the time, and recreating and indirectly experiencing a cat that may not be physically present at that given moment.

so i am sure all kinds of coincidents are always happening around me. like closing the door while realizing my keys are still in the room, etc., but when certain, rare, uncommon ideas start to pop up in my communications with these friends, i tune in and try to distinguish whether it's a freak thing or.. well, something else. then some things will drop off from the orbit of my attention, and some of them will get more and more frequent in their appearance, until bam, in my face, and i need to take a good look into it, and share this bizarre ideas that seems to come from nowheres with friends, and see why it happened and what i am to do with it at this given moment. i will have a fairly good idea where, or even whom i could approach certain subjects with, but sometimes these conversations will lead to a completely new area, leaving me flabbergasted again. much like the CERN chambers. and like true scientists, not a mere lab technicians, i should keep my eyes and mind open to really take a look at things, so that what i would see is law of nature and time taking its course (i wont even have to comprehend it to appreciate it sometimes) and that i do not fall into the traps of creating an image of things, an illustion of law of nature, and swapping it withe reality.

fine line to cut, worthwhile to know.

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  1. I had a thought: as a child can conceptualise a cat from the newly coalesced blobs on the paper, an adult can visualise the complexity and meaning of what you wrote - in one thought. Isn't that amazing