25 things plague epidemic virus contagion outbreak pestilence pandemic blight calamity infestation

this was the virus that went around facebook for awhile, where people took 25 things about them and created a random list of.. well, themselves. and knowing that some of my peeps are against the vicebook, i figured i could also post them here for them to read. somewhat amusing,and i meant... well, all of it. and if you read it already, well... you are spared for a day i believe.

1. I think this 25 things plague is hilarious. In this world of supposed individualism and free-speech, we are still getting into this sheep-herd mentality and ‘trying’ to express self in the conformist way. Way to go people. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am also doing it.

2. There is a world of difference between what a person claims to be and what a person is known as. For instance, not all self-proclaimed musicians are musicians. Often they are simply people who are making sonic events that only exist in time, and whether it is music of not, who knows. However, if it isn’t music, then they are not musicians. And honestly, I am not trying to be critical. I am just amused by the massive difference between such small discrepancy of expression.

3. I think winter is more beautiful than summer in a sense that one needs to pay attention and is willing to see beyond what’s apparent and obvious. The magic lies in the fact that things seem quiet and dormant, however, when you pay attention, they are just waiting, accumulating momentum, bursting out in full colors and gentle perfumes at its first chance in spring. Also since summer is always busting with energy and activities, I find it tiring and difficult to pay attention to more subtle gradation of things.

4. In relation to 3, I tend to like monochromatic things. My closet is usually the colour pallet of various bruises I used say. Blue. Black. Grey. Sometimes brown and everything in between.

5. I recently resigned to life and returned to music. I really like playing music but sometimes I think it’s really silly that I take it so seriously now. If you see me getting aloof with all these ‘artsy’ nonsense, feel free to assign me some manual labour. I quite like manual labour, something that you could see the result of, on top of it being practical.

6. I always wanted to be able to write. Haven’t found a way to do it well
yet. Words don’t stun me, they run over me. The proximity of definitions of verbal communication is a tricky one, and then I ruin it further by talking way too much.

7. However, I do like taking photos. In fact, I am quite proud of some of them.

8. Once I start to refer you as a friend, you are good on my book until the Armageddon comes. This, in reverse, means that not everyone I am acquainted with is considered friends. It is quite bizarre that now everyone calls everyone friends, whether it be msn buddies, MUD game buddies or simple just other people who happened to be occupying the same space simultaneously.

9. I can’t really say that friends and family should come first all the time. There are times for responsibilities I think. It is also a form of art to be able to be rational in times of turmoil. However, in my mind, they will be the first thing all the time. Even when I cannot be there right away, don’t ever assume that you are not my priority. You are. I just may be also required to be somewhere different for things, and am just temporarily delayed. But I will be there ASAP.

10. I depend heavily on relationships- I should clarify this one. If I am forming a bond, that bond must be mutual in a sense that I and the other entity needs to contribute, however not necessarily simultaneously. And from these bonds, I continue to live on, though I am still a rather insignificant weakling in larger scheme of things. Even just having trees and plants which solely depends on me to take care of them is enough, though it is silly for me to think that I am the caretaker, as I have no control over the sunlight that really gives them the life they need. I am just an interconnector between the water tap and the plant pots. In a sense, the word ‘relationship’ has become a rather restricted and rigid term in recent years- we always think of it as a boy-girl or life-partner things. I think in this case, the word relationship refers to the very plain vanilla definition: Re*la"tion*ship\, n. The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance. --Mason. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc)

11. I often take things way over its intended context. I would be surprised if you are still taking the time to read this particular 25 things list. But I think it’s almost too much fun to really sit and maul simpler things and see what one can conjure from a given opportunity, a spark to start a fire. Though in my case, I often end up burning self with this kind of pyromaniac tendency. My dad would say that I have too much time in my head and hands, which returns to point 5.

12. I have terrible temper. My fuse is way too short. I am working on it, believe it or not.

13. I am always open for new things to try out. Though I may still protest rather loudly. And this goes for people as well. It may take me a while to learn to like some things/persons since I am naturally stubborn and judgmental, but really, for initial exposure, I will try to look it as not ‘I do not like it,’ but ‘I do not like it YET.’ And even if I have settled in an opinion, I try to tell myself that it’s not a permanent decision, but a just a simple benchmark of where that thing stands in relation to me and only me.

14. I often try to press people’s buttons out of the blue. Nothing personal, I just want to see where they may go with the situation. I just hope no one dies of aneurysm or heart attack because of me. Seriously, if I ever piss you off, it’s probably not the intention I had in mind and I will be sorry, but may still be amused with such strong reaction.

15. I have huge soft spots for things like puppies, spring tree buds, snowflakes, smell of freshly brewed tea, etc. However, I was told multiple times that really, I should stay away from fragile things. And they (whoever they may be) may be right most of the time. I wish I was little gentler with things.

16. I talk too much. Time to return to point 5.

17. I like going to the zoo. My favorite animals are monkeys and polar bears. Lying parents and crying children are quite a different story though: ‘Mommy where are the lions?’ ‘They are all sleeping’ (pushing the stroller as far as possible from the lion den)

18. I often become too attached to people. This one is hard.

19. I appreciate sarcasm and cynicism. Sweet and pink never did it for me. I am often at loss of words if I have to lie ‘nicely.’ Even when I do, I bet it’s plainly obvious that I am lying. Damn it.

20. One of my favorite activities is having tea with people. Sometimes things are way nicer with other people sharing it. Not only I get to share simpler things like tea, I also get to share their presence and company. Tea by self if nice. Tea with people I care for becomes something much larger, richer and better though.

21. If you see me at a bar, offer me a gin and tonic and I will be thankful especially if it is Hendrick’s. None of the girly stuff and I don’t really dig beer. In summer, I will be game for other things such as campari soda, negroni, mojito and sangrias. I make mean gin and tonic and freshly muddled mojito.

22. If I could choose any occupation, I would be a pirate monkey. Or a rock band member. Nothing sensible like banker, doctor, lawyer, etc.

23. When there are enough stimuli, I can stay up and keep going for days. Probably why I am a raving insomniac.

24. I cannot appreciate the presence or existence of TV. Especially because I have to plug myself down and watch the episode unfold from beginning to an end and unlike books, where you can just leave a marker, close it, leave then return, one kind of have to commit to the entire segment. I find it brutally constricting. And the shows suck anyways.

25. If you really did read this to the very end, you must really like me or mildly amused about my rant. I rant a lot. And if I rant to you on regular basis, it probably means that 1. I have too much time (back to point 5) or 2. I consider you a friend, which may or may not be a fortunate situation for you (to point 8)

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