rain over the city

grey blankets covering the sharped jagged edges of the city,
once portruding buildings now disappear slowly into the fog,
thick enough to be clouds, forgiving the unsorted mess of city skyline.
the rain sings upon meeting the pavement,
a quiet, gentle variations, irregular but happy.
drip drip drop tap drip

a gentle welcome for a child who came back to familiarity, however if with a morphed view. im donning my shoes to go for a walk, no longer in the tall mountains of canadian rockies, but in maze of city buildings and quiet humming of the march rain.
unlike the calmness of the cloud above, the city is well-grounded. sediments. and from these sediments, many small vertical upward movements, for spring. buds. fuzzy. wet. anticipation. waiting.

toronto's raining today.
consistent, small droplets.
droplets on the delicate spring buds,
knock knock, wake- wake from your stasis.. it's time now.
a little variations on pavement for the day so gentle.
what a welcome!

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  1. cecilia! monkey! i am mesmerized by what you call your ranting. the peanut gallery view of evolution is fascinating, particularly for someone who is so « old school » like i am. radio is still very much a live for me and chatting is not really in m vocabulary. i don't even own a blackberry or take pictures with my phone... but i will continue to read you, and send comments once in a while, even parting with my usual capitalization of first letter in a sentence. enjoy toronto soft spring rain... i am happy i met you in banff
    one of the CBC evolution people