cider-noggin fag-smoking unruly lights on bloor, it's spring, baby (burp)

the unruly spring fever (i should say in my case, snotty-red-eyed-hay-fever) is spilling out of control, like the flood from the biblical time. and like noah's situation, only a few very determined people will survive- the rest of us are swayed, swept, taken away from the grave, serious daily tasks- into the middle of a frenzy, really.

even the usual inanimate objects (which i think isnt true at all times- i believe machines have feelings and they just dont know how to tell us about it. like autistic kids. sometimes what THINGS do tell us is quite spectacular) are being nutty. as i was passing by bloor street around yorkville area (that is the posh area where toronto international flim festival happens every year. and for some reason, the music faculty is right near by. i cross these area mostly to people watch. really, cruising, one would say.), i noticed that one of the expensive boutique (i believe it's a gucci boutique; how would i know? from the dirt pile-ups from the store logo, or rather, where the store logo has been) is on a pause. a grande pause. not a usual window display reset, but a complete haul. usually prim and proper, fashionably daring (and often incomprehensible to monkey), the shiny, expensive, exclusive, important store front was bare.

even more extreme! it was hanging out all naked, to the little details even! the most amusing part of it was the lighting fixtures. usually, like most blue collar works, they stay in the usual spot and provide focal points to the all-important-attention-grabbing-amazingly-beautiful (or something) displays. so that you may be lured and buy those 'beautiful' things. for my taste, if i have to worry about scuffing my bag, i no longer own the bag, the bag owns me. however, since i will probably never have the money to buy such bag, i am not in the danger of being owned by my objects, ha ha. sad. i wish that situation was by-choice, not by-circumstance. just joking. i do alright for someone who doesnt have a permanent addie or permanent job. just another phd homeless bum. lol.

so anycase, today, these fixtures were just all hangingout, out of their usual places, like growing vines of annex neighbourhood. all trees, buds, vines are busy extending, stretching, growing and curving right now. crazy beautiful display of proportions, nature, love and care of the people who took care of them (or the begrudged teenager with chores)- and the ones that has been taken care of, are already way ahead of the rests. bursting. some magnolia buds are going to be a trouble-inducing 16 years old girls, laughing so innocently, not aware of their femme-fatale status. some poor souls, like monkey, will eventually kiss the concrete ground soon or later this spring, looking at them, completely lost in track of one's own projectile. probably scuffed knees, if unlucky, bloody lips, that kinda things. and like true femme-fatales, my sufferings will mean absolutely nothing, save for the amusement of the fellow passer-bys and gawking highschoolers (with their fags and ciders) from the central tech.

once again, these total bums, the young spring loungers, taking over street corner, commotion, motion, noise, all that good stuff, have totally distracted monkey and she was left gawking and laughing at the fixtures. here came the gem of the day though. you see, this shop is right by starbucks and other expensive coffee shops. there's always some well-dressed older folks milling around (often bag checking you ever so gracefully, leaving you winded and whizzing while they casually continue walk with their canes and walkers. that really shows that it's a money area $_$ great.) and this random old gent got completely flabbergasted at monkey. or the shop, or both.

old gent: what's there really?
monkey: it's the bums.
old gent: there's been a bum burglary?
that's why it's empty?
monkey: nah, i think they are taking the store down
old gent: who? there'll no more (whatever it was) boutique here?
monkey: urr i meant the lights too over,
look, it's like a spring holiday.
there's no stuff, staff, silly people.
old gent: (look completely baffled)
monkey: so the lights took over, like highschoolers, parents are out, some of them are unfortunately old enough to buy liquor, so house party time. look, they are all out of their place, trashing the place out, the good old cheap whisky and fag time. ha ha
old gent: (completely baffled and lost)

then... came...

a laughter!

not an anemic one people do when they want to either backpaddle from the edge of iguazu,not a sarcastic one people do when they think they ARE clearly better than you, not a incomprehensive-fill-in-the-blank laughter. a good one.
the old man patted me on the shoulder to tell me that it was funny. while he walked away, i was laughing still, in my head. and i bet the lights were laughing as well. probably not with me, but at me, however. this spring fever thing is dangerous let me tell you. im turning into a public idiot. i guess every street could have one. at least i had company even.

i be okay, as long as those lights offer me some free booze and fags, i suppose.

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