transforming suicidal to homicidal through lack of sleep

the curse of a light sleeper is that one has no choice. nothing. monkey is a terrible sleeper. once born a colicky baby, dies a cranky lady i suppose. whenever i get to sleep in, it's like gold. money. better than both. it's sleep!

ive been told that theh generations of the present are terrible sleepers. it sounds weird, we have more technologies and chemicals than ever before, what do you mean we cant sleep? the irony is that not only we cant sleep well, we dont eat well (over/under nourished, inadequate consumption of the 'whatever-the-hype-is-for-now,' it seems right now it is omega acids and fibres), we are allergic (eczema on rise, all kinds of food allergies. seriously how come there is this skyrocketing of all these digestive problems just about now? i dont remember hearing about crohn's disease being so casually tossed around in dinner conversations, eww), we are sick (all kinds of 'classes' being offered for movements, joints, physho therapy etc etc), the list goes on and on.

oh the one i love the most is that we are STRESSED. really? i dont believe it? how? we dont do much? all we do as collective unit right now is to not to do something right, like keep on living! that we are going to die! terribly! some heart-related disease! breasts or prostate cancer! strokes! diabetes complication! no!!


matey, we all die.

for fact, that's the only thing still yet that applies to everyone who is alive. they used say dying and paying taxes, but looking at the recent news (or olds news, or even news to come), not everyone pays taxes. they forget. oops. haha. not funny but boy if you dont laugh... you may have to cry. monkey's more like to be exasperated. and apparently that is NO GOOD for your health. that does not prolong ones' life, but shortens to it, to death!

all these death threats. geez. to add to the mix, i just made my own death threat to my poor housemate. but you see, you have to see the entire ( ! ) situation to understand why. i just want to clarify before i result to... homicide i suppose. my housemate, the best man on face of the earth, is a thoughtful man. he takes care of everyone, literally, and he is a generous man in all sense of the words. but alas, he's no saint. gives me no boosting rights. but then im a subhuman, so it wont matter you say. wrong. here's something that really REALLY gets me homicidal. he's a heavy sleeper. sets up alarms everywhere. and forgets to turn them on or off or whatevers inbetween. and he sleeps. and when he sleeps, i mean, he sleeps. like a dead man. gone. a goner. a house be on fire and he wont even notice. i am tempted to throw a party one of these days, just for the sake of experimentation.

anyhows, his schedule's been ill-treating him. too much stuff. well, this all goes back to the fact that he wants to do rithe right thing everytime, except... for being reasonable! (seriously) so he's been overworked and the schedule's gonna eat him right up until end of next week. so worried man sets up alarms everywhere on everything. it's got a ticker and it'll make noise? it's on! im surprised he doesnt use the oven alarm even.

then in the morning, they all start to go. at random intervals. the fact is he doesnt have to get up till later (he mumbles something) but it clearly is not 7 fucking 30 aaaaay-ahm! so the forgotten alarms go, all in their glory of being:

annoying(it's not even my freaking alarm)
blabbering(shut up shut up shut up you alarms)
clashing(sometimes if there's more than one)
enraging(you forot to turn it off again?)
fragmented (as its battery runs out)
gracelessly (no intro no nothing. no goodmorning. just noise)
harassing (it wont shut itself up)
irritating (or homicidal)
jarring (often too loud)
knifelike (straight jab, then twist into my sleep)
lawlessly (there should be something about being woken up early for no reason)
maddening (see homicidal)
nettlesome (another one! didnt i just turn 3 of them off? freakin....)
obstreperous (shut up Shut up Shut Up.. SHUT UP! GAWD!)
painful (another day of short sleep and headache)
quacking (like bunch of ducks, when there's more than one, which is everyday)
rowdy (too much noise)
startling (but surely it's only 7am and i dont have a job to report to?)
threatening (my sanity, his life)
upsetting (grrrrrrrrrr)
vexing (further grrrrrrr)
waking the dead- (monkey is an angry turning-alarm-off zombie)
you or me (i was just asleep.damn)
zealot-like dedication (the alarm does not care)

and as he snores away, mumbling 'ah sorry i forgot, mmm..zz' i am wide awake, fuzzy in the head, irritated to bits, however, too tired to actually result to violence. monkey needs sleep. monkey's not gonna get much more for today as the sun is up. i used to be light sleeper enough to tell who's going to the bathroom in the middle of the night in my graduate dorm, as my door was right by the communal bathroom. but it wasnt so bad. occasionally i could sleep in. if i was sleepy, i was cancelling classes. those kids can wait, z..z... slooo....b....e....r....

but she's not getting much of sleep. thanks to overly worried or when-sleep-deaf housemate with stupid but functual objects with alarm functions. i am heading back to bed with all the futility of the world. another morning, rude and sharp and bright. blight. ya, it's still pretty though. i really wish that some day, i be sleeping. like a sack of potatoes in the winter in the storage.

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