a view from blurry teary eyes of spring pollens sniff.

so the buds are coming, not one at a time, but all at once, like they have waited, like children in school bus on the field trip. as soon as the time comes, they all just roll out, noisy, excited, agitated.

even the usually quiet and graceful magnolias are peeking through the fuzzy blankets theyve been under for last couple days. where did you get them? where did you come from? you werent there for couple days definately!!

then periwinkles dot the young new grasses with the same lightness of the spring sky. all over the place. scattered. slowly taking over. from ground up, to meet the higher and clear sky. looking up, down, side, they are busy with chatter among themselves.
some early guys are already busting out their maroon and purple jackets, looking stylish. just about to shave off those spring fuzz. like teenage boys.

and wherever i see, once bare winter sky is full of lines, all curves- even the elusively straight electrical lines, they hang a little lower, warmed up, relaxed. the little buds and leftover leaves of the winter, surviving sleet and the nasty gale between the tall buildings of downtown toronto. how did they hold on to teh branches during the long dark months- i would never know.

a lone light house on the side street off from yonge, right by an ethiopean restaurant. hanging from a tree branch, it's looking out to the new wave rolling in, called early spring. like a torrent, once it starts, it's going to take over the whole place, and everyone will be under the wave. spell. magic.

the unruly periwinkles, too cool to look straight at the camera, however, looking back coyly through side vision. such highschoolers! lol. yaya. go back to your fags and cheap ciders guys.

easter bouquet. i donit usually dig pink but this pink was rather stunning. taking over the entire view with its unapologetic presence. bloom. peak. a little sultry. knows that she can 'own' the scene.

a tree casting self downward on upcoming new grass. it's taking a slow nap, being horizontal for a change, looking up, resting from the hard shift of winter, standing all-attention and surviving.
this was truly random. i have no idea whose shoes are these, there was no one in the vincinity without shoes. where did the owner go? did he grasp the end of the spring wind and went for a ride? light enough to glide without shoes?

@queens' park. looking all serious. the horse, however, looks down on the ground, observing all the little children, joggers, cool university kids, numerous high schoolers, people going, coming, running, walking, gliding, breathing, and like me, a little blurry thanks to pollen proteins. ugh.

nevertheless. it was a rich day i suppose. how often do you get a day to have a chance to stroll and see what's really around? look up once inawhile. unless you change your perspective, you are less likely to find something new. and it wont be here forever, whatever that may be- that will break the monotone of the usual days.

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