resident of england?

finally a nice sign from the weather in england today. it's been rather cold, rainy and wet. we resulted in making beet/carrot soup with welsh rarebits for lunch yesterday, that kinda damp, consistent and insistent rainy day. well, i cant really complain as we still had some real coal fire and lots of dirts to toss into the fire, including canadian chocolate bar wrappers courtesy of my great friends from toronto.

see, there is this consensus that the brits think their cadbury is superior than the canadian ones. and i say it's different, surely, but it is not any worse than the ones you get here!! anyhows, after sending a short emails around, we got a total of: 600g + 400g = 1000 g of canadian cadburies and with comparison samples from the local shop, have been working around the clock to determine if such urban legend is true: the conclusion isnt up yet, unfortunately. if you feel like sending me some more chocolates for the benefit of the science, i will be more than grateful!! hahaha. i never have eaten so much candies for such a short time. ah, shweet tooth! lol. hopefully with this weather picking up, i will be able to shake off some weights by trolling around the greens of derbyshire.

things in the great britain has been rather swell and i cant really tell you exactly what would be the best part of the trip so far, but i can surely tell you that both concerts weve put on(one viola/piano recital in manchester, then another viola/piano and trout quintet in chinley) has been very satisfying events. there's nothing like good, old-school chamber music, is there!!

it seems that people are curious to see what i have been up to in three weeks in england: especially the touristy bits. have you seen this, done this, whatever, blah blah? do you have plans? in fact, the very first wknd i was here, we were all up in the local pub having a pint (that's right, monkey now drinks bitters in half pints) and one of the bbc phil boys nearly lost it at the perspective of a visitor having a no plan. it was rather a funny scene i must say:

local: so whats going to be while you are here?
visitor: i thought i would just let things be and see what pops up.
local: you came all the way here to see what's up?
visitor: well, if i dont see what's up, how i would i know?
local: you mean you have no plan?
visitor: i do, the plan is to have no plan.
local: that is unacceptable! you cant just come over and be a visitor without a plan!visitor: really??
local: look, you just cant do things in this way...
(fill in with extra noise, some spits and enthusiasm)

btw, i like the dude. i think he's hilarious. and i think he may have missed a very small point- that i feel that i am rather a resident, not a tourist. it's all fun to go around and see stuff and do different things, but at the moment, i think i am liking the idea of a resident a lot more than anything else. so there. honorary or not, here i am, a simple resident instead of fussy, obnoxious tourist. much nicer, ahh.

anyhows, things have been real active today, the first day in awhile that we got to getout and do outdoorsy stuff like walking, laughing at the lambs, skipping over puddles, running out of breath walking uphills, hopelessly silly bantering, an attempt to a tandem ride (the tire, however, experienced a puncture), which then turned into a bike ride, a pint at local pub and now awaiting supper. it is also quite funny to see the little bahhhhh lambs growing up sturdier every week it seems! some of them are already displaying quite typical teenage unruliness. haha.

ah, and i should also say that now ive been to a proper locally organized british drama society's pantomime, which was hilarious really. all done by local, including mr. salamander's family members, both audiences and presenters, with all those contemp bits and oldest jokes of the world, etc. it did take about two hours and a half to get finished, and then i had my first exposure (it's all first times here isnt it? weird. i thought i was somewhat experienced in this world, but boy it proves me wrong every time) to a local conservatives club.

now i suppose without the political connotation, it was just a real nice, quite, somewhat uppitish pub. the nice thing about snotty people is that they will never even dare to disturb their own peace by possibly talking to you, ha! so there. nice place to hang. once again, some bitters were had and a leisurely stroll back to a nice sleep, the kind that knocks one off the feet to complete oblivion.

so there, that's what monkey's been up to, and now there's some casserole to be consumed with some stout. im gonna be a rather fat and happy monkey at this rate. but you know- i say bring it on. i havent heard of cases where people have died of happiness yet. we all wish such things, therefore, may as well just make a real effort for blissful death i suppose.
ttfn, greets from a slightly wornout monkey in finally green (not grey and wet!) pastures of england.

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    Did the horse get blonde highlights?