the riches of my world

includes things such as:
granola and bananas with milk for breakfast or warm stove-cooked oatmeal with chunks of candied ginger. my new recording of arvo part, alina, and craig davis/jeff buckley recordings. the fact sonicboom, the used/new recording store by the annex is in walking distance with its amazing selection. choosing children's book at a used book stores. walking around kensington with a keen eye for a gift for a friend. finding a potter who would go through the trouble of making a lid for me. my housemate who keeps me sane and in check. cup of spiced tea from communitea from canmore.

old friends who are willing to gettogether to brave bruckner 8th in its entirety. the fact i was just going to barely qualify for the cheap tickets at the symphony, and them extending the age limit to 35 starting this year. wondering how my trees are doing in banff. having time to stop and look at the free display of spring in its fullness in campus and on way home from all the trees, flowers and everything in between. that my phone company covers texts from/to international phones as included deal. nutella and teaspoon. rain and no hurries. blunnies that can withstand much moisture and puddles. anticipation for real fire.

my bicycle, black and sturdy, a worker. a rare bottle of scotch that is begging to be open in just couple of days. program that let me rip off my own damned informations from now-dying-but-havent-had-problem-since-then ipod. that indestructive camera that takes fab pictures of many things. a cat who i can be over to pet and play with. antihistamine. the ever-so-great internet and skype for 3TZ. flowers in my vase, given with care. street arts of obey, dolk and banksy.

and the people i love dearly.

and the people i appreciate dearly.

and the people i will be missing,

and the people i will encounter and be related to.

but especially some extra points for people who i miss during the day when i encounter something special. and not the kind of missing one gets teary or anything, just that little butterfly flutters in your stomach. subtle but true.

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  1. they set your butterflies free.