short report. take it or leave it.

this phenomenon is called riggwelt. a fat sheep goes down and cannot get up. this one, the grass underneath it was well.... rather...... hmm.... how shall i... well, it was shitty, really. amazing.

well, monkey has been pretty quiet online and peeps may think that she has finally given up musing on small useless thoughts. no, not true. actually there has been flurry of activities, unscheduled, somewhat foreseen- sprung up like mushroom colonies after a rain or something. you know, that sense that you never exactly know when they are going to come out, however, you can always tell it's just about time.

england so far has been as good as one can expect. i am happy enough that i wont even complain about the exchange rate really (i think it's about half right now, which kinda sucks but i am sure that i will sort it out somehow.) where im spending majority of the time is called chinley, an old railway village in middle of derbyshire, used to be one of the major junctions when the line used to go right up to london. that has stopped for awhile, so hence, the area is depending rather heavily on sheeps and a bit of farming and interestingly, small, dense group of bbc phil musicians who works in nearby manchester.

now, about manchester, it's supposed to be fascinating and it looks interesting, however, monkey has been spending most of time rollicking around derbyshire and hence the detailed reports will have to wait a bit.

however, as of london, we just came back (mr. salamander and i) from seeing beckett's waiting for godot at the historic haymarket, spending some time with his gregarious friend, dave (who was very kind to take care of us and shown us around), walking around, national gallery, tate modern, but most importantly good british bitters and curry and such. it has been busy!!

i also had a chance to go see a traditional english wedding at a small village, thurstle (i think?) (forget thinking. i was just corrected: thursk. now that looks even more wrong.)(shit. apparently there's also an 'i'. crap. let's try: thirsk. if you dont find it on the map- well, then you may be right, who knows really??) in yorkshire, and meet some bonker dogs and just generally having a blast. it's almost enough to one to start to wonder:
well, it cant possibly be all that good, where/when would be paying for this??!?

well, it'll come when it needs to i suppose, just like tax day or something. so am going to leave that alone for a bit. the two concert are coming up which is very exciting and am happy to play with friends and friends-to-be. im exceptionally happy with the new peeps ive been meeting and i will hopefully have a better idea of them than the fact i just really like them and their company, so that i may write about them. this post is a bit shorter than i thought it would be, how interesting. i bet my head is kinda full of things to do for now and i bet i will have more to blab about once im back in canada for a bit.

times well spent, great company of cheryl and mr. salamander. the window have collapsed temporarily and it's been a whirlwind of a ride. how good it is, really, to be so lucky to have such company and aspirations. one may say that monkey's gone nutter, looking at the world with rosy window.

well, i looked at some real $hits in my life time, prob plenty enough for awhile. let me have this rosy window for a bit. who is so sure that it wont be here to stay? the window always will stay in one piece as long as 1. you dont break it, 2. you replace it.

so there.
content report from monkey from chinley, derbyshire, roger.

i left an 'i' there somewheres. and cannot find it. i will blame it on a certain puppy. now you may think im really completely nutters. well. kudos to you. and i do have to add that sometimes, things are just nice as is.
ya. you know what i may mean, and if you dont, boy you are missing out.

seriously, roger.

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