catching up, yyz! kaffeklatsch!

yawn. the first breath back in yyz was unfortunately, but comically of a big yawn, where you crack your chin, inhaling as much air as one could possibly do without dropping the jaw. eye popping? no. ear popping? yes. projected flight time of 8 something hours and somehow ( ! ) theyve shorten it to 7 hours. that's it. everything about the flight industry now is a total mystery. i understood before that one cannot ever make any sense of seat prices but duration of trips as well? at least it was mercifully short, without the ever-expanding man (though i may report that he was replaced by eternal crying toddler who shouldve been either boxed silly or flushed).

huddle out of airport, grab the rocket (that's local lingo for toronto public transit for you, whoever needs it), notice that rocket prices of two dollars and seventy-five cents canadian looks like somewhat peanut-ish in comparison to the costs of transportation over there in uk, grab the go train (that would be the regional light rail system from toronto to suburbs), get picked up for sunday dinner, attend and consume dinner, head back to the city, take a soak, fully intend to sleep, then...

not being able to sleep.
my body no longer could tell what time it was.
haha. at least i didnt have much to do for the day that is time-dependent.

the uk trip has been a memorable one, i am actually quite sorry for self for not brainsplattering more on the monkey post, but there were things and places that just unhooks the monkey out of keyboard and i decided i could always write up when i have no more enticing things to do, even when the activities themselves are as simple as making toasts.

toasts done properly is not something to be laughed at, mind you.

couple days to catch up with odds and ends (ie. us tax return: why am i sent another tax forms instead of refunds? the thought to trying to reach IRS is not too amusing at this point, am sure of it) (but then there are also sprinkle handful of people i love to meet up for late b-day meetings so that makes it up for it i suppose), go see fam unit etc., tidy up before next banff session (which would also mean back to practice rms- though sans instrumentalists, which is... significantly less fun to do so, sigh. ive been spoiled rotten recently), blah blah.

i thought i may start a short-write up of the uk trip, like the ones children do after a school trip or something, but apparently the mind have decided differently. it'll rather seep through the musings and probably come out whenever it's ready. just like everything else, till then, bits and chunks will come of it, i suppose. i kinda like the idea of it. in a way, it wasnt just a trip, not one's typical holiday or something where one is being the good tourist or a visitor. i feel as if i was just getting my feet wet, at the edge of the water, just to see what's what, before walking right into it, something new, something larger than just a puddle.

with that thought in mind and time at hands, im gonna go brew my coffee, in a slightly different kitchen, but nevertheless familiar and nice, and go onto the tasks of the day, however many i can fit in. no rush. rushing will surely come when i get myself back in large, massive, flying object to banff: showering battlements of scores and rehearsals. woohoo. boo. choose accordingly.

i am happy to be back in yyz. but that does not mean i was happy to leave man nor i was only happy to get out of yyz initially. it was incredibly exciting to arrive@man, then even more exciting to let it slowly seep through to dye the fibres of my being with new colours, hence now through the smallest capillary motions, am still in process of change. like proper water colour paper soaked in proper pigment, it will continue to do so, different shades and splashes as it dries out to have a new pattern, a new identity being made. the greens, browns, greys of high peaks district now merging with browns, greys and buzz of the city. another wash of colour on top.

for the time being, it's appropriate for monkey to seep back into yyz and happily tend a little unruly life she's got going here. peeking through window and all that, monkey will see how the next set of actions would catalyze. monkey's also rather excited to see mr. salamander in the window- if it be a bit dusty, who cares, throwing fragment breadcrumbs across either way. splat splat crumble crunch, just under foot. ooeeeeer tossing the fun bits around.

with many thoughts and possible expressions bundled in monkey head for later, it is time for coffee. mmm. i wonder how was cuppa joe for mr. salamander.

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