dogs@yyz. fizz. fuzz.

some pictures of the dogs of yyz. you know, one day, i think/hope that i will get to have a puppy. well, really, what i would like is a rescue greyhound. but having a puppy means that one is settled and commited. since this year is going to be all about banff (7 of 12 months, haha. and i dont even know how many pages of music that may be. that would be.. hmm amusing to calculate it at some point). anyways, going back to the puppies,they are stylish, cute, some daring and some just.. (raise a finger, tilt head, wait 2 seconds, then) too cute.

perhaps one of these days in not too far in the future, i may be able to have a dog... well, at least hope to do so. i guess it wont be a possibility until next year at least, but whenever it happens, it will be. awesome. awe---some.
this guy was willing to sit up just for a cookie. i wonder what the owner have smeared on the cookie. depending on what it is, i think i know couple people off my head who may be willing to perform the very same task, haha. just joking. i think it's really cute. esp. with its ears hanging down.
often folks make a mistake of getting a westie when looking for a small-space dog. westies are still hunting dogs and need much exercise and space. they are hilarious, all looking fuzzy and fizzy. like small cans (those miniature cans) of soda pop that has been shaken couple times. barely contained in their skin. eyes up, ears listening. woof woof. wag wag.
the typical comical droopy ear expression. mellowed out, like room- tempertured single malt. a bit of spice, forest, peat, smoke and..... possibility for much amusement to come. and below, my favorite of the day, italian greyhound. i love them to bits. (thats not much in bits) well, italian grehound, whippet and greyhound, they all share that graceful curve, sinewy body, and eyes that is full of curiousity.
curiosity that brings life back to the most mundane days. the long dog days of summer's coming and it's looking promising. august, would you come a bit sooner??
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