about to hit the basket, monkey decided to go for a short walk, which turned into a rather saga- like exploration of colours red, amber and all shades of brown to black. i like my city in the evening, where there are enough light to make things just interesting enough. any earlier, it is a mayhem and any later, it is a grave. so here are some. and ooh it does make me love the quiet evenings. where the bright days colours sleep quietly, and all you see is mere silhouette of the daytime buzz. muted, matted and sandblasted.

a random walk around kengsinton market, toronto. a new mural went up while monkey was around uk. art deco, rather mucha-like. beautiful. i bet in the daytime, it just burns in that passionate brick red. oooh passion.
a nutter skull - a la - mexican - day - of- the- deads. the post box and the passing car, apparently suppresses with flaming red.
a random wanted note in corso italia. we all wanted a good mom. haha. now, the video- is she being good or nutters in that video?
another last hint of glowing red on rather steely, matted surface. a fuse box on north-east corner of college and st. george. gritty evening but still, that hint of red makes the day.

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