not all days are the same

true, they are all measurable in this arbitrary unit of 'hours,' and we get 24 hours in a day. 12 for am, 12 for pm, usually 9-5 constituting as business hours, the standard time being UTC, Temps Universel Coordonné, a close derivation from IAT, international atomic time. UT1 included the time set at IAT and the standard deviation of the leap seconds to keep up with inexactness of the current system. for practical reasons, UTC/UT1 can be used interchangeably with to GMT (greenwich meantime)(however, uk is now in BST), and for monkey, toronto time is set in EST (UTC - 5)and soon, she'll be adjusting to banff time in MDT (GMT - 7).

all the same length, essentially; once inawhile, we make up that small difference with the leap year, and then it gets real complicated. for the sake of reference, im going to be a socialist and dip into the communal well of knowledge, the great wikipedia:
The Revised Julian calendar adds an extra day to February in years divisible by four, except for years divisible by 100 that do not leave a remainder of 200 or 600 when divided by 900. This rule agrees with the rule for the Gregorian calendar until 2799. The first year that dates in the Revised Julian calendar will not agree with those in the Gregorian calendar will be 2800, because it will be a leap year in the Gregorian calendar but not in the Revised Julian calendar.
...This rule gives an average year length of 365.242222… days. This is a very good approximation to the mean tropical year, but because the vernal equinox year is slightly longer, the Revised Julian calendar does not do as good a job as the Gregorian calendar of keeping the vernal equinox on or close to March 21.

it's quite elaborate and beautiful. so easy to forget the beauty of 'inexactness' and 'repetitious' nature of time. yes it is repetitious and it can be calculated; just something to keep in mind, that whatever the time you may think it is, depending on your source- it may slightly differ. for instance, when you are in a crap rehearsal, the time does GO backward. or so it seems. it's all relative isnt it, as we are all inexact beings and that we create this consensus of the world through interweaving of individuals to the environment. for a sidetrack, this also leads to interesting discussion of musical tempo markings. for instance, what the hell does one mean when they say: 'moderato assai?' for non-musicians, it simply means 'moderately + VERY.' well, depending on who, that could be anything isnt it. or there's another good one, 'allegro non troppo,' fast, but not so fast!

anyways. that could go on for days. i was just slightly mused by the days that just seems LONGER than the others today. call it what you will, but we all have days that are... soggy. you get up and you immediately regret the fact that you just got up. and then everything is a tad bit more difficult than it was expected. things are underfoot, you are slightly off the center, and boy, it's a continual climb up the irritation hill. and you know that there WILL BE NO WAY OUT till the day's done. if you can stay under the covers and do nothing (even fall asleep), that would be ideal. or just take a day off and substitute it with whatever - you - may - care stuff. i dont care if you wanna eat the entire chocolate cake.

as long as you arent going to tell me that and i live close enough to drop by for a piece.

and knowing that even $hit days do END.
like today.

to commemorate father's day last wknd, monkey decided to finally set up a desktop for the male gene pool unit. monkey's father is a peculiar man. there are many things that i could blab about, but we'll stop at this one point: he has to know why. i suppose it's a good quality and no wonder he became an electrical engineer. he wants to know what doesnt work and how; then you can fix it. and he'll fix it. for the years that he's been working at his own shop, there has been incidents where one need a technical help: ie. mechanics. he runs a dry cleaning plant and there are couple machines, all specialized to do different things. but largely, they can be put in loose category of: solvent - electrical machine (like drycleaning machine or a washer, dryer, etc) and steam - electrical machine (most of the pressing/finishing - related devices).

monkey's dad is a very good mechanic. he likes the blueprints, manuals, parts and above all, reasons. however. talking about time, i had a weird collision with that today. so last wknd when i was trying to set up the computer, monitor was going berserk. it was being difficult. not cooperating. not communicating. plain-out-no. and monkey's dad asks: why is it not working?

i donno dad.
but i will bring another monitor to see a comparative test to see whether it's hardware or software problem.

monkey's dad was curious. why wont something that used to work suddenly not work? i donno, and i have no answer. at that point, i thought: wont matter, it's not working, i will set it up before i leave to banff. so. let's pretend you arent too curious and let's say you have no questions. frown.

so today, PO and monkey went up, rugging monitor in backpack in transit. fun fun fun. so we get there. after a short period of time, problem diagnosed (dead monitor), problem fixed (replace monitor), complete next task (set up router, connect, update, test), and.... leave. except. monkey decided to call them and let them know that it's working. then. comes daddio on the phone:

male gene pool: why wasnt it working?
monkey: i donno
mgp: it wasnt working- but how?
m: i donno dad (irritated)
mgp: but it wasnt even used while you were away, so why?
m: i donno dad, i donno
mgp: i havent even taken it out of the box, so why wasnt it working?
m: i donno dad. ask the tech dude (pass phone to PO)
po:(after dad's inquiring) well, it's not working-
mgp: but why not?
po: well, it's not, and that's that and we fixed it by-
mgp: you dont know why it's not working?
po: (passes phone back to monkey)
mgp: alright, thanks, but if you find out why-
mgp: alright, call before you leave. thanks.
why does it really matter it's not working? it's been replaced dad. i have no idea why it isnt working. but even if i knew, it wont change anything. but like a child, he kept asking. such an engineer mind. gawd. so there it was. PO was laughing as monkey just lost steam. i guess it's funny. it's kinda funny. not really, grrr. then it made me think. i was like that, long time ago. buggering my dad: dad dad dad why is (is not) that? how is that? why not this and that? etc etc etc.

and there we were today, the roles reversed, but minds from same mold, similar yet different. however, still asking the same question: why and how? the fact that situation was resolved wasnt even the most important part. haha. he mustve been busting head when i was a kid. but boy while working on that desktop, it did seem that time was going eternally slow. then when talking to dad, time went.. well, backward. and i got to stay there for exactly 2 min and 35 sec, according to my phone. a mind inquiring to another: why?

it is nice in a way that we could be there just for 2'35''. and gawd am glad that computer's working now. happy father's day daddio. hope you enjoy it. and if you ask why it wasnt working ONE MORE TIME, im gonna break it on... well, i guess i cant really break it on people (including daddio), so i guess i will break it on floor or something: look dad, it's done, it's in pieces, so it doesnt work!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha.
what a long day.
perhaps that was what it was about, today being a slightly odd difficult day. time just proving that it's not always consistent and usual. just like monkey, today, on 24 june 2009, going from confused (thing not working) - infuriated (dad questioning) - relief (things working) - irritated (re-questioning) - reminiscent (brainsplattering) and now... to.... basket (hopeful for sleep).
i just hope if things are going to be this inconsistent, august may as well get here sooner than later.

though. an easier day. would be. wel.come.d.

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